Top 5 Platforms for Software Engineering

The software industry is undoubtedly a nitty-gritty component of the current relentlessly-skyrocketing digital world. Without the software industry, you wouldn’t envisage digital transactions that have only gone to colour human life. Every day, scores of software engineers are tirelessly producing amazing software to address diverse human needs. Whether it is about finance, human resource, academic, and graphics, amongst others, the Software industry has a huge place in our living. The software industry cuts across software development, maintenance, and publication. This explains why software engineers are becoming snowflakes in the market.

But can you just wake up and all of a sudden become a software engineer? Of course no. There is a certain matrix of skills you need to boldly say you are a software engineer or do software development in that matter. The good thing is that you don’t need a rocket-science course to acquire these skills. While some skills might be technical, others are non-technical and can be siphoned with ease. Some of the essential skills that every software engineer should possess include:

  • Computer programming/coding skills.
  • Problem-solving.
  • Creativity.
  • Teamwork.
  • Written and verbal communication.
  • Organizational skills.
  • Testing skills.
  • Logical thinking.

With the plate’s software skills, the final ingredient for a complete software development process is the right platform. You might be the best software engineer, but choosing the wrong software development tool will give you the experience to forget. Choosing the right tool is key for top-level and quality software development experience. Appropriate tools give you the right click of features, amazing speeds, and intuitive interfaces for an effective software development process. The good thing with the right platforms is that you do things effortlessly and that you need to concentrate on making it much better. It, therefore, goes without question that using the right platform for software development is a must for frictionless and effective software development.

Top 5 Platforms for software engineer

Here are some of the top five platforms for software engineering

1.      Wondershare Mockitt

software 1

Wondershare Mockitt is powerful development software for software engineers owing to a plethora of reasons. This tool is equipped with several excellent features that transform the way you design your software/app. It has every single feature you would need to facilitate a top-class software development experience. Ranging from speed, ease of use, compatibility, affordability to the intuitive interface, Wondershare Mockitt should be your obvious software development pick. This tool is an all-in-one package allowing software engineers to design, prototype, and collaborate on a single platform. Whether you want to design low-fidelity or high-fidelity prototypes, it is your tool. You can download the trial version of Wondershare Mockitt to check the amazing features or upgrade to an affordable premium version for individuals or enterprises, depending on your need.


  • This program allows users to collaborate in real-time. Therefore, team members can share, send and receive feedback, comment, and co-edit in real time to iterate the project with speed.
  • With Wondershare Mockitt, users can create both interactive and animated prototypes.
  • It offers plenty of industry-standard templates that take away the need to build designs from scratch.
  • It provides an abundant and variety of widgets and icons that make your design look more appealing.
  • It offers a user-friendly interface and users can simply drag and drop objects on the canvas to design their projects.
  • Software engineers can preview and share their prototypes via a URL code and define target people through visibility settings.
  • The “Handoff” feature makes it easy for designers to hand over the project to developers.


  • Free Trial Version- Free but only supports up to 3 projects.
  • Personal premium version- It supports unlimited projects per person and costs $69 per year.
  • The Enterprise version is suitable for collaborative teams and has a price tag of $99 per year.

2.      Balsamiq

software 2
Balsamiq is a popular low-fidelity platform for software engineers. This program offers sketch-style control but does not support complex interactions or animation features. This is why it is a good low-fidelity prototyping tool and generally a place to create website wireframe mockups. With Balsamiq, you tend to focus more on structure and content rather than details.


  • It works offline.
  • Users can access build-in controls and icons generated by the active community.
  • It allows users to export wireframes to PNG or PDF format.
  • It has a Quick Add feature for users to add UI controls to their designs quickly.


  • 2 Projects- $9 per month or $90 per year.
  • 20 projects- $49 per month or $490 per year.
  • 200 projects- $199 per month or $1, 990 per year.

3.      Appy Pie

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Appy Pie is a no-code software development platform for software engineers. Whether you are doing a mobile application, website, task automation, graphics, live chat, or a chatbot, Appy Pie won’t disappoint. With this tool, you create your own applications regardless of your technical skills, coding skills, and budget.


  • Users can build designs that scale.
  • It supports integration with some of the design and communication tools like Trello and Slack.
  • It is easy to monetize apps with ads.
  • It gives app publishers real-time app analytics.


  • Free trial version.
  • Basic- it goes for $15 per month when billed monthly or $12 per month when billed annually.
  • Gold- it goes for $30 per month when billed monthly or $25 per month when billed yearly.
  • Platinum- it goes for $50 per month when billed monthly or $40 per month when billed annually.

4.      Swing2app

software 4

Swing2App is a good app-creator tool leveraged by several users across the globe. This program lets you create a good app more creatively and seamlessly. This tool is for app production and a comprehensive cloud platform for services like app push and membership management.


  • It offers plenty of designs and style settings, such as UI styles and templates.
  • It allows users to add content in real-time without updating.
  • It offers mobile web support.
  • This program offers manager tool support.
  • It uses AWS Amazon-based secure cloud.


  • Basic- $33 per month or $290 billed annually.
  • Expandable- $55 per month or $460 billed annually.
  • Premium-$100 per month or $840 billed annually.

5.      Buildfire

software 5

Buildfire is an intuitive and easy-to-use mobile app builder for software developers. This powerful application allows software engineers to build mobile apps using fully customizable templates in less time.


  • It is simple, and there is no coding.
  • It provides a developer SDK for building custom functionality.
  • It supports rapid prototyping and real-time preview.


  • Growth- $159 per month billed annually or $189 per month billed quarterly.
  • Business- $299 per month billed quarterly or $349 per month billed annually.
  • Enterprise- $424 per month billed annually or $499 per month billed quarterly.