How To Work Remotely, Boost Your Career, and Become a Master Problem Solver

COVID-19 has transformed our work environment, and by all estimates, set the stage for our new normal. What does this mean?

Three things stand out above all others. Working remotely. Managing your professional development. Developing your problem-solving skills.

Let’s look at what’s changed in our work landscape and how you can use these changes to your best advantage.

Working Remotely

The new world is filled with stories of virtual workplaces, home offices, and remote working. While some people are griping and complaining, others are finding ways to make it work.

Not everything is indeed coming up roses in the remote working world. There are distinct challenges.

Many professionals are finding issues of space and time including:

  • Setting up a comfortable office space
  • Negotiating uninterrupted work time with housemates and family members
  • Finding ways to focus on the big stuff, and not just get lost in small tasks.

These are some of the most common challenges.

Yet, many freelancers and professionals are finding ways to boost productivity. There are some smart moves to make to transform this migration to remote working.

Many workers are finding new ways to manage their time and hardwire new productivity habits.

Create A Fake Commute

According to academic experts at UK’s E-WorkLife, a lot of people miss what they used to hate: commuting.

It’s odd but understandable. We moaned and groaned about commuting. We complained about traffic, time, and lost hours. We stressed about our cars and the weather. We worried about whether we’d get to an important meeting on time.

But, now it’s gone.

Guess what? We miss it.

The EWorkLife research team recommends an interesting strategy: create a fake commute.

When I first heard about this, I thought they must have been joking. But then I realized that it makes perfect sense.

You can fake the commute to establish a rhythm and schedule for your workday. You could get in the car and drive around the block. Or you could opt to drive to a park and enjoy a dose of nature

Alternatively, you walk to your mailbox or take a hike. If you’re an avid cyclist, you could jump on your bike and give it a whirl. How about trying out a skateboard?

Setting Boundaries Pays Off

However you interpret the fake commute concept, you may notice some distinct benefits.

Start and End Your Day

You will have a beginning and end to your workday. This is a big deal. It signals that work is not the only thing going on in your life. It alerts your brain, and your housemates, that you are more than a workhorse chained to your computer.

Have A Life Beyond Work

Also, you’ll have the chance to shift gears and do something else. You might want to think about what that is. Do you want to play video games? Do you want to try out your new AR headset? Do you want to shift gears entirely and pop into the kitchen to bake or cook?

Boost Your Agility Skills

With a commute as your boundary marker, you’ll also be able to build in some time to learn, study, and build your career skills. Many professionals are talking about agility, flexibility, and the need to become better problem solvers.

It makes total sense.

We’ve just come through the worst storms of our life. We know in our gut that we need to develop agile skills. We have to become master problem-solvers able to handle the unexpected. The only thing is—how can we do this?

One of the best ways to develop new skills is to take different types of training. Check out a topic to increase your situational awareness such as active shooter training.

Explore pieces of training to learn greater agility by practicing your physical and mental skills. You might enjoy learning martial art such as Tai Chi, Karate, or Aikido.

Sum Up

As we look forward, let’s practice our new creativity to succeed. We can transform the challenges into opportunities. Working remotely, developing our skills, and becoming master problem solvers are within reach.