The Most Engaging Mobile Puzzle Games in 2021

Puzzle mobile games are among the most popular mobile entertainment options. They just don’t get old. There’s an abundance of variations and themes. They are also easy to play and can be enjoyed casually whenever you have the time to waste.

Here’s a rundown of five of the best puzzle games for mobile devices in 2021. You might find the next game you want to habitually play in the list below. These are guaranteed safe-to-install apps, so don’t hesitate to give them a try.

Word Farm Scapes

Developed by Mad Brain Games, Word Farm Scapes is an addictive word puzzle adventure game that is also usually included in lists of top brain games. This free mobile game (with in-app purchase options) is relatively simple. You just have to save the farm animals by playing a scrabble puzzle game to swipe your way into emerging as the hero of the animals on the farm. There are also word find and word scramble challenges along the way. Plus, you get to enjoy an exciting story as you play the game.

The Room

An acclaimed puzzle game franchise by Fireproof Games, The Room is a game series that features four games. It features challenging puzzles that can stretch to hours of enjoyable playing. The game’s look and feel may remind you of the classic point-and-click game Myst and Siberia. The game is mainly free, but you have the option to try out premium ad-free sub-games through a microtransaction.

NYTimes Crossword

The crossword never becomes passé. It is one of the most beloved word puzzle games, and the NYTimes version of the game appears to be one of the preferred options, if not the best. This is a free game that does not only offer the personal satisfaction of having solved advanced crossword puzzles; it also features daily prizes. The drawback, however,  is that you need to be a New York Times subscriber before you can play the premium games and win prizes.

The Bridge

Another popular puzzle game to consider having on your mobile phone is The Bridge. A noted fan favorite, the game does not exactly have the best graphics. However, it has an engaging story set in a world with a surreal environment and a hand-drawn landscape in grayscale.  To play The Bridge, players have to solve puzzles by rotating their devices to manipulate the effect of gravity on objects in the game.


SpaceChem is another modern game with relatively old graphics. However, it is easily one of the most entertaining puzzle games around. To play the game, you have to take the role of a reactor engineer who seeks to manufacture chemicals for export trading. You will be given two remote helpers as you go through the challenges, which increasingly become difficult in every stage cleared.

These are just some of the numerous exciting puzzle games available on the Google Play Store and on iTunes. You can find many other excellent choices if you just spend some time doing some research.