What Features Make the Best Gaming Router Worth the Hype?

Every gamer knows that investing in hardware is the key to having the best gaming experience. And there’s no shortage of options out there. Expensive keyboards, motherboards, headsets, and other accessories all add to the appeal of playing online games. But, one of the major aspects you need to consider is your connection. Speed is essential, and while you’re always at the mercy of your ISP, there are things you can do to prevent latency. So, what about using a gaming router?

How is a gaming router different from ordinary routers?

According to rushrouter.com, manufacturers design routers for different purposes. Ordinary routers and special routers used for gaming have different QoS features. What this means is that the device is capable of sending the internet signal exactly where you need it.

You might argue that any router can do that, after all, its purpose is to route the signal. But, the problem is that an ordinary router can’t distinguish or prioritize internet traffic. This is a concern when many devices are using the same internet source. The bandwidth congestion could lead to latency and affect your gaming. And for a gamer, there’s nothing more frustrating than a lagging connection when you’re in the middle of a thrilling game.

Features of a gaming router

A gaming router QoS can isolate gaming traffic. This way, the device can help reduce packet loss while at the same time separating other network data. The best gaming router features adaptive technology wherein the device automatically adjusts depending on the varying demands of your network. In other words, the router will balance bandwidth requirements for different users. And since it’s a gaming router, your needs as a gamer are a priority above all else.

There are other features that gaming routers have which give them an edge over ordinary routers. For example, it can have the latest wireless technology to optimize gaming connectivity. Another would be the number of Gigabit Ethernet ports for those who prefer a wired connection.

Of course, these features aren’t exclusive only to gaming routers. Remember that you don’t need to buy the most high-end or the most expensive gaming router. Choosing a model will depend on your requirements and the features you prefer.

Prioritizing network traffic using a gaming router

Your gaming router can’t isolate network traffic without proper configuration. That’s why if you do decide to get one, there are several ways to configure it for the best gaming experience possible. A gaming router can prioritize activity based on whether you’re using a wired or wireless network. Another option would be to set the router to focus on a particular service or app used by each device. Prioritizing by IP address is also possible because each device has an allocated IP address behind the router.

Depending on the type of gaming router you have, there may be an option to combine different prioritizing techniques. For example, you can prioritize by IP address and service simultaneously. This combination in particular, according to gaming experts, is the best way to enhance your gaming experience.