Top 5 states for gambling in the US

Casinos have been around for hundreds of years now, however, it seems as though the industry is not ready to slow down anytime soon. Online gambling particularly has seen rapid growth in popularity in recent years. While it has only been fully legalised in the online form in 6 US states so far, when it comes to new casinos PA, WV, NJ, MICH, DE and CT have not been playing around. So, if we took online gambling activity as well as traditional casinos into account, which of the US states would come top 5? Let’s find out.

5. Michigan

Home to one of the largest casinos in the US, Michigan is also the 6th most profitable state when it comes to revenue made from casinos in 2021. There are 26 land-based casinos in Michigan as well as 14 major online casinos operating from the state. As you can tell, MICH has no shortage of casinos that come in different forms, many of which include a variety of entertainment opportunities to ensure a good time for its visitors.

4. Indiana

While Indiana has a significantly lower number of 14 land-based casinos, compared to many other states, it doesn’t stop it from being one of the most popular US states among gamblers. All of the land-based casinos are located in close proximity to each other and there is a variety of traditional casinos, riverboats, racetracks and so on. Attracting thousands of visitors every year, the state is among 4 highest gambling earners in the US.

3. New Jersey

New Jersey has been referred to as the gambling paradise for many years now and it’s still praised for it to this day. The Atlantic City, in particular, is an incredibly popular destination for gamblers across the world, with a whopping 31 casinos available. NJ is proudly the third on the list of the highest casino revenues in the US, having made nearly $4,74 million. New Jersey has also been one of the most popular states for online gambling since being one of the first to make it legal in 2013.

2. Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is by far the fastest growing state in terms of casinos. The PA gambling industry absolutely blew up in 2021 as the state contributed $4.83 million in revenue. Casinos are relatively new to Pennsylvania, given that gambling was made legal there as late as 2004, with the first land-based casino opened in 2006. Today, however, Pennsylvania is one of the most attractive states for gamblers, with new online casinos popping up every year as well as 14 land-based casinos available for visitors.

1. Nevada

Being home to the ultimate casino destination, Las Vegas, it comes as no surprise that Nevada comes as the top 1 gambling state in the US. In fact, even with the extreme heat challenges of this desert state, Nevada welcomes more than 50 million tourists every year. Making a whopping $13.4 million revenue from an incredible 334 land-based casinos, the state is far from being out-competed from any other state in the US, including the rapidly-growing and full of new casinos PA.