Top 6 Ways to Improve Your PC-experience

All the PC-users want to improve their knowledge and be part of the technical progress, using modern gadgets. Many unique devices are made to simplify the process of a computer utilization and increase digital literacy of the user. Let’s get acquainted with 6 the noteworthies units that can be helpful for the PC-experience improvement.

  1. A graphics tablet is a pen device, designed to enter information into a computer for future work. Many decent models are presented at the, which allows everyone to find out the data about worthy products and compare them. The graphics tablet is better known as an electronic sheet of paper with a sensitive area and a pen that enables you to perform various comfortable manipulations with data in different programs and draw the real works of art. All the information is displayed on the computer’s screen. The users can draw, rotate, scroll, and zoom images with simple gestures.
  2. An AirBar allows you to turn a laptop screen into an independent touchscreen. The device is designed as a small bar on which neodymium magnets are mounted. The gadget is attached to the bottom frame of the laptop screen and then connected to the USB port.
  3. Hardware encrypted HDDs and SSDs are made to secure portable storage and to protect data access. Both can keep large amounts of data, but the HDD is able to contain more information, while the SSD has more solid construction and is regarded as more durable. They have pin authentication and are perfect for sensitive data transportation.
  4. The mobile scanner can be very useful to scan documents and pictures in real time. It connects to a computer via Wi-Fi. During the scan, the processed files are automatically saved to computer or tablet. A single charge is enough to scan 400 A4 sheets. The data will be saved to a computer in JPEG or PDF format. The functional and very compact gadget is compatible with PC, iPad, MacBook, iPhone, and Android.
  5. The USB hub allows a lot of USB devices to connect at the same time. Power is supplied through a separate power cable. The USB hub can have a form of a USB PCI card, which connects to the motherboard, to a free slot. The second type is a small portable device that connects to one of the existing USB ports on the computer. It can have 2-6 additional ports. The third view is an active USB hub. It connects to the mains and computer. Some models can have 80 ports.
  6. A small projector creates a QWERTY keyboard image onto a free space. Such a unit connects the computer either via Bluetooth or USB. This accessory is able to recognize the keystrokes and supports the hotkeys from Mac OS X. It has virtual but still quite large and convenient buttons.

All these devices have demonstrated excellent practical features. They will help improve computer literacy and greatly simplify the PC use.

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