Top YouTube Tips and Tricks

There is no arguing the fact that YouTube is one of the most popular websites you can access for free. Alongside Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Wikipedia. YouTube is a website we all use frequently.

With more than 1.5 billion users worldwide, this video platform has a lot to offer to every user who chooses to watch or upload videos online.

Since the website was founded in 2005, it became a staple in our society, and nowadays you can find practically everything you need on this website: TV and movie clips, music videos, online casino games, technical instructions, and much more.

Whether you use YouTube to watch clips or upload your own content, there are a few tips and tricks you need to learn so you will be able to enhance your experience when you use this platform.

All You Need to Know

No matter what kind of content you’re looking for when you visit YouTube, you can make your experience better than expected with a few simple tricks. Are you ready to find out what those tricks are?

  1. Turn Any Video into a GIF – Have you ever wished that you could sum up a long video in a few seconds? Nowadays, you can create a GIF from any video you watch, thus catching the essence of the clip in one spectacular picture that you can share with your friends.

    All you need to do is access the YouTube page you want to convert into a GIF, copy the URL and add the word “GIF” before the domain name. Once you do that, you will be redirected to a website that allows you to choose which part of the video you want to convert into a GIF, and you can have a ready file in a matter of seconds!

  2. Avoid the Log-In Process – Sometimes, you have to verify your age or location to watch different videos on YouTube. However, you can avoid this process altogether if you want to. All you need to do to watch the video without restrictions is edit the URL: remove the “watch?” and replace the “=” with a “/”.
  3. Editing Your Video – Once upon a time, if you wanted to edit your video and add special effects to it, you had to use another software to change the video to your liking before you could upload it to your YouTube channel. However, nowadays, you can add some visual effects to your video directly through YouTube.

    If you want to apply filters, rotate the picture, use slow motion, and other effects, you don’t need to go through an elaborate process anymore! All you need is to visit your video manager page on YouTube, click on Edit, and choose the “enhancements” category.

  4. Learn Everything About the Video – If you are a techie and you want to find out all the details behind a specific video, you have a special button for it. Right click on the video you’re interested in while it’s playing, and choose the “stats for nerds” option! Once you do that, you will be able to put your hands on all the relevant technical information you will ever need to know about the video.
  5. Watch 360-Degree Videos – Since this kind of tech became available on YouTube in 2015, dozens, if not hundreds, of YouTubers began uploading 360-degree videos for you to enjoy. If you watch those videos on your computer, you need to click the arrows on the screen to direct the video in the direction you choose.

    However, if you use your smartphone to watch those videos, you only need to move your phone to change the angle at which you watch the video.

In Conclusion

Many YouTube users don’t know that there is much more to this website than meets the eye. If you are ready to turn your YouTube experience into an exciting endeavor, you should learn all those tricks and have some fun with one of the most popular websites online!

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