Toshiba-Samsung Stops Manufacturing Optical Drives

The joint venture between Toshiba and Samsung known as Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology (TSST) has reportedly stopped production of optical drives. TSST manufactured CDRW+DVDR, DVDRW+BDR, and BDRW drives under the Samsung brand. TSST was founded by both companies back in 2004 to manufacture optical drives under the Smasung brand name, and to make OEM optical drives for use in Toshiba and Samsung-branded notebooks.

TSST has completely halted production and well ship out its last few batches before the end of the year. This will leave just LG Hitachi making optical drives in 2017. TSST recently announced that it was seeking protection from creditors while it worked through some financial difficulties. It may be that shutting down its optical drive division is part of restructuring to remain afloat.

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