Possible R9 480X 3DMark 11 Scores Leaked

We really have not heard much when it comes to performance of AMD’s upcoming Polaris GPUs. The only real concrete thing is that AMD is targeting the mainstream segment of the market. We have also heard that Polaris 10 will be the R9 480(X), but performance numbers put it all over the place.

Well today we have performance numbers of what might be Polaris 10. These results come from VideoCardz and they point out that all they have to go on is a few Polaris GPU IDs. These are suggested to be Polaris 10 based on their performance and are likely the R9 480(X). These numbers are taken from 3DMark 11. AMD Polaris 67DF:C7 scores 18060 points while the AMD Polaris 67DF:C4 scores 16164 points, and a Crossfire Polaris 67DF:C7 scores 25803 points.


We would also like to point out that the scores of these GPUs have been getting better over time. This is more than likely due to driver and clock speed improvements.

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