Toshiba Will Introduce 26 TB HDDs This Year & 40 TB+ After 2025

Toshiba wants to induct 26 TB HDDs in the current year and 40TB+ after 2025. Toshiba is looking to increase its HDDs by using nearline Apps in the next five years. The primary focus of the company is to introduce a 26 TB drive before 2023. Toshiba will produce 40 T.B. capacity HDDs until 2027.

Toshiba Internal Hard Drive

The company has a few methods to increase the capacity of the hard drives. It can use higher aerial recording density platters or simply increase the number of platters in the drive. Currently, Toshiba’s drives have a maximum capacity of 18 TB.

Most drive makers use both ways mentioned above to increase the capacity of their drives.

A 20TB HDD will be revealed by Toshiba which is based on FC_MAMR disks and uses a number of ten disks in total to improve capacity.

To experiment on their 10-platter helium-filled platform, Toshiba has to introduce a 20TB HDD. Despite this not being a cutting edge technology, this experiment will enable Toshiba to mass produce high capacity HDDs. Toshiba will switch to microwave-assisted switching MAMR technology by March 2023 as it will introduce their 10-platter 26TB HDD, and will discard its old helium-filled technology.

Toshiba HDD Roadmap

New platters with recent magnetic layers will be required for MAS-MAMR technology and advanced read/write heads need to be inducted.
Toshiba is aiming to move to heat-assisted magnetic recording HAMR to increase storage capacities to 30 and 35TB. HAMR will empower Toshiba to raise the capacity to 40TB.

Toshiba HDD 1030x634 1

This technology would demand new and advanced essential components that could require partnering with other companies. Toshiba will avoid risks by jumping on to new technology while continuing the use of older ones as new technology has more risks. It is not known if Toshiba will introduce its MAS-MAMR technology to general consumers as its main focus is enterprises as of now.

Via Business Wire