Total War: Warhammer Style Skins for Dota 2 Overview

After the release of Total War: Warhammer the beginners and skilled designers and artists n have presented a huge number of sets for heroes of Dota 2 executed in Warhammer style. Pay attention to those if you want to vary the game process slightly.

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Vlad von Carstein’s Abaddon

The set on Abaddon designed by Vlad von Carstein is a wonderful piece of art and can offer a large number of fine details in high resolution. Something the character begins to resemble Artas from Warcraft Universe.

Frostheart Wyvern Warhammer Set 

Set for Winter Wyvern in Warhammer style has more armor for the hero and has changed a tail which reminds a snowflake now. In comparison to the original Wyvern there was even more ice.

Clockwerk Engineer

The new set makes Clockwerk look like the real engineer thanks to the attributes accompanying for this purpose: from the screwdrivers to the special clothing applied.

Waaagh Alchemist

Orks in the Universe of Warhammer remind the fantasy fellows: strong and extremely aggressive barbarians with long canines. The author of a new set for Alchemist has considered that and has turned an orc into the real soldier with featured items: armor, long canines and axes. The Alchemist is dressed in a long red attire.

Night Goblin Plague Rider — Batrider

The author of a new set for Batrider has been inspired by night goblins from Warhammer. Night goblins are the creatures living in vaults and fiercely hating sunlight. They are dressed in loose overalls with long caps and like to gorge on hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Night Goblins — Meepo

Night goblins from Warhammer have found the realization in one more character of Dota 2 — Meepo. Bearing in mind explosive temper of this character, authors of a set have tied the explosive device to Meepo’s back.

Divine Anvil — Omniknight

The dwarf characters were very close to the creator of a set of Divine Anvil for Omniknight. In the fantasy world of Warhammer they are broad-shouldered humanoids living underground, bearded and loving beer. They are very skillful in mining and processing of metals. The author wanted to develop unique, but at the same time beautiful design which would distinguish this character from the others. The main thing in this set is a heavy fighting hammer of Omniknight executed in the best traditions of the northern peoples.

Bright Mage — Lina

The author of a set of Bright Mage adores tattoos that could not but affect Lina’s appearance created by him. Besides, it should be noted that the skirt of the character (on which, by the way, chains have appeared) became longer, and a hairstyle, on the contrary, shorter.

Night Goblin — Disruptor

Unusual set which suits the Disruptor perfectly. Now this equestrian looks as a mighty soldier. With this set the character is similar to the aggressive goblin who tries to show the maximum in any fight.

Chaos Champion — Centaur Warrunner

This character has drawn attention of Freeheartex — the author of sets from China which discloses motives of darkness and chaos. After the upgrade, the character looks awfully real.

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