Track Your Lost Android Device

Not once you’ve heard about people losing their phone or tablet.

When you realize you’ve lost your device, for sure, it’s stressful. Most of us keep everything on our phones. With the development of smartphones, we forgot to use pen and paper. All our meetings, phone numbers, emails, and reminders are stored on our devices. What to do when you find out it’s lost?

Here, we will give you few suggestions on how to track your lost Android device.

Track Your Lost Device Via Google Account

If your phone, tablet, or even a smartwatch is connected to a Google Account, the first option is to use it to track the device. The moment you connect your device to Google Account, the “Find My Device” option is automatically enabled. This same option can be used to lock and erase your Android device.

I will list for you a couple of conditions necessary to use the “Find My Device” feature:

  1. Your Android phone must be turned on
  2. It has to be signed to your Google Account
  3. It needs to have an Internet connection (WiFi or mobile data)
  4. It needs to be visible on Google Play
  5. Should have the location turned on.

If you used 2-FA, you need to have a backup phone or backup code.

How to turn on “Find My Device?”

Even though this feature should be automatically enabled when you sync your device with Google Account, do yourself a favor and check it out. Make sure that in case of any issues, you will be able to track down your device. Follow these steps to enable “Find My Device.”

  1. Go to “Settings” > “Security & Location”
  2. Tap on “Find My Device”
  3. You will see in the top right corner a switch to turn this option on.

If your phone does not have “Security & Location,” this is what you can do.

  1. Go to “Settings” > “Google.”
  2. Tap on “Security”
  3. Turn on “Find My Device.”

You will see that you can find your device via Google Account and Google browser.

How To Use “Find My Device”?

Follow these steps to find your device:

  1. Go to and sign into your Google Account.
  2. Your device will receive a notification, and you will be able to see where the device is.

If the location on your device has been turned off, you will see the last known location of your Android phone. Be aware that the location is not 100% precise, but you will know where to search.

As mentioned, you can use the same feature to erase and lock your Android phone.

If your phone is connected to Google, you can open and type “find my phone.”

If you need “Find My Device” on another phone or want to help your friend or family find their device, you can download the “Find My Device” app. If both of your devices are on the same Google Account, you will put your name, and if you’re logging in with a different Google Account, tap on “Sign in as a guest” and then fill up the details.

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