Are mobile applications better than mobile websites when it comes down to online betting?

Nowadays, customers can choose from many online bookmakers and casinos. Most of these brands have been around for several years, which is why they know how to satisfy even the most niche tastes.

Although some bettors like using a given operator’s desktop website, most users don’t have enough free time to sit in front of the computer, which is why they use their mobile devices. Betting on the go is extremely popular in some places worldwide, which is why most companies in this business pay professional software developers to create a mobile app and a mobile site.

Choosing one over the other is not as easy as it might seem because both things provide bettors with an excellent gambling experience. However, the apps have some advantages.

The short answer is yes, mobile apps are usually better

Before we point out why the apps are usually better, it’s worth noting that it all depends on the gambling operators. Some brands don’t want to make their apps more advanced, which is why they offer exactly the same betting sections, features, promos, payment options, and more on their mobile sites. Feel free to read the full details about the Sportpesa app and the bookie’s mobile site if you want to learn more about those types of operators.

Although most betting companies fall into this category, there are several online bookies and casinos that are different. Instead of offering the same things, their mobile apps allow users to access additional features and betting sections. In some cases, there will even be a special mobile-exclusive bonus, which is only obtainable if you download and install the app on your device.

Another reason why some punters choose a mobile app is due to the optimizations. Regardless if you want to play slots or wager on sports, most applications are usually better optimized than the mobile site. Consequently, you will have a better overall experience, regardless of which smartphone or tablet you are using.

Of course, there are always exceptions

For some reason, certain gambling operators decide that they don’t want to update their apps anymore. As a result, the only way to have access to the latest betting features and promos is by using the bookie/casino’s mobile website. Sure, you can still use the app to punt on the go, but you won’t be able to avail yourself of the newest bonuses and betting options.

It is also worth knowing that every mobile betting application needs to be downloaded and installed. This isn’t a problem for iOS users, but people with an Android device will need at least a few minutes to install their preferred application. Needless to say, there is no need to go through this process if you want to use the bookie/casino’s mobile website version.


If you want to have the best possible mobile betting experience, you should probably download the application, as long as it is available. However, make sure you check the mobile site before that because, in most cases, it will have everything you need.