Why are Android betting applications more difficult to install than their iOS alternatives?

Even though there are several mobile operating systems, almost every smartphone and tablet user around the globe prefer Android and iOS. Those two things became the go-to option for millions (now billions) of users. Both are fairly simple to use and provide their clients with millions of applications, regular updates, and exclusive features that are not available elsewhere.

Even though iOS used to have more fans, nowadays, Android is king when it comes down to the number of users. This shouldn’t be surprising because almost every top smartphone brand in the world (apart from Apple) uses this mobile operating system. Of course, companies add their own unique skin on top of Android, but the software is pretty much the same.

With nearly 3 million applications, Google Play is home to pretty much everything you can think of, including gambling applications. However, unlike Apple, Google’s policy towards those kinds of applications is strict. As a result, only a few companies have managed to upload their apps on the official store.

With that being said, here are some of the things that you should be aware of before you start betting on an Android device

If the app is not available on Google Play, you need to download an apk file

Since uploading the app on Google’s store is not easy, most brands create their own apk file, which users have to download using the bookie’s mobile/desktop site. That’s the only way you can get your hands on the Unibet App, one of the most advanced mobile betting applications on the market.

Downloading the apk file will probably take at least a minute because the file is usually a few MBs. Sadly, installing it is a complicated process that may take longer. That’s because you need to install a file outside of Google Play. To complete this process as fast as possible, you have to go to your phone’s settings and enable the option to install those types of files.

Some betting apps require the latest Android version

Besides being difficult to install, some Android applications won’t work on every version of the OS. There are many online bookies and casinos that want to create exclusive features and betting categories, so they use the latest software on the market. This means that the only way to take advantage of that thing is if you have a powerful smartphone that’s using the latest Android version.

Sadly, most betting companies with an apk file forget to mention which Android version you need to have. This means that you shouldn’t be surprised if it turns out that you can’t download the app.

What other options do you have?

If you can’t get your preferred mobile betting app on your device, you can choose a new betting operator, change your mobile OS or use the brand’s mobile website. Of course, check whether you can update your device because this may be enough to fix your issue.