5 Fatal Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing A Software Development Company

Due to the high demand for software development, this market often attracts amateurs. Overcoming harsh statistics and choosing a right developer is not easy, but quite realistic. To do this, it is important to avoid common mistakes, especially if you are working with a software development company for the first time.

A good start is to have at least the basic knowledge about the development process.

Software Development 101

What is software development? It is more than just coding. Software is an executable code that performs some computational tasks. It is a collection of executable code, related libraries, and documentation.

According to IBM research, the essential part of the developing process is planning. A good developer before starting the process should be able to answer the questions:

  • What tasks do we need to solve?
  • How can we solve the problem without programming?
  • How can we make it easier to write code to solve a problem?

A drawn laptop with app icons around it

5 Mistakes When Choosing A Developer

What are the most common mistakes? They are all connected to inability to determine the good software development company.

1. Not paying attention to firm’s history

Program elaboration is a fairly young sphere in IT. But this is not a reason to entrust the creation of your project to the first agency that comes across. The longer the firm has been in the program development business, the more likely they are to know their service well.

2. Choosing the cheapest

Don’t ruin a good idea with a cheap implementation. When choosing a software house, customers are often guided by the price. Lowest outsourcing cost is a sure way to disappointment. At best, developers save on the design and testing process. At worst case – on documenting requirements and quality of service.

3. Choosing the fastest

“We need the application yesterday” – this is how clients in most cases announce the terms when ordering development service. No matter who, no matter how – it is important that everything is in the shortest amount of time. Inexperienced developers may well promise you 2 times shorter deadlines than reliable engineers. All due to the inability to adequately evaluate the time needed for the project. The lesser of evils, if their work only leads to missed deadlines. It’s worse if you end up with something completely different from what you expected.

4. Local preference

It happens that customers give preference to companies that are in the nearest availability. You should not limit your choice to a territorial feature. Of course, it’s always nice to meet in person with your developers. But does this guarantee you the best performance? In today’s world, where there are instant messengers, best proxy servers and Google, you should not choose only local developers.

5. The more the better

The large number of completed projects in the company’s portfolio is not the key to success. The quality of mobile applications does not directly correlate with the quantity. Many companies release applications that are very poorly made from scratch. The main red flag is when there are little to no examples of completed projects, only the titles of them. So, customers need to carefully study the applications that the developer company cites as an example.

How To Choose Better Software Company

  1. Finding the right company is the first step for having the app you dream of.
  2. Before choosing, explore the company’s website. Ask questions. How long has the company been on the market? When did she start doing mobile development? How many projects did they complete in the last year?
  3. Market veterans will easily give odds to one-day companies.
  4. Choose according to the price-quality ratio. Cost-effective solutions! Experienced developers will cost money, but the result will help you earn more.
  5. Expand your geography. Don’t be afraid to partner with outsourced companies. Usually their expertise and professionalism will compensate for the distance between you.
  6. Check with what technologies the company is going to develop your application. Mobile elaboration is an area of constant updates. If the company does not follow the latest trends, then your application will be out of trends quite soon.
  7. Check if testing will be in process of work on the application if you are not doing it yourself. Any application without testing is a waste of money.