Tribit StormBox Flow Portable Speaker Review

Setup & Usage

Getting the StormBox Flow set up and ready to go is quite easy. Short press the power button to turn the unit on. Once it is on, short press the Bluetooth button and it will go into pairing mode. Now just find “Tribit StormBox Flow” in your available Bluetooth devices, select it, and you’ll be paired.

When it comes to the actual sound quality of the speaker I was quite impressed. For its size it packs quite a punch not only in terms of how loud the speaker gets, but also the thump of the bass, especially when you are in XBass mode. With this type of performance this speaker can easily be used indoors or outdoor for large gatherings. The sound also has some depth, which is something you’ll don’t typically find on smaller Bluetooth speakers like this.

Tribit StormBox Flow Portable Speaker

Adding to the sound is the Tribit App. Here you get even more EQ modes including Classical, Rock and Jazz. You can even create your own Custom EQ, which really allows you to fine-tune how to StormBox flow really sounds. The app also will allow you to turn off things like voice prompts and even update the firmware.

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Beyond just being a speaker the StormBox flow does have a built-in 4800mAh that will allow you to charge other devices. Simply plug in your device with a USB-C cable and it will start charging. Now if you do have the speaker turned on it will only charge your device till there is 50% battery left then it will stop.

Talking about battery life Tribit says this speaker will give you up to 30 hours of battery life (60% volume, no XBass) which is quite impressive. If you want the XBass that brings the battery life down to 24 hours. Charge time from 0-100% is about 4 hours, but there really is no information on quick charging. I initially charged the speaker all the way up and I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and it is only on 70%, which is quite impressive!

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