Trying out the Razer Turret Keyboard / Mouse Combo

I’ve been a fan of living room gaming for a while now, reviewing both the ROCCAT Sova and Corsair K63 Gaming Lapboard. While these devices were designed for PC gamers the Razer Turret was really designed for Xbox One as Microsoft announced mouse and keyboard support recently. If you didn’t know the Razer Turret can be used with PC as well! So let me tell you about my experience with the Razer turret and how it compared to other lapboards I’ve used in the past.

Razer Turret

The Razer Turret is made up of a mechanical keyboard with Razer mechanical key switches and an optical gaming mouse. The whole thing is designed to sit on your lap so you can relax when you are gaming. Both devices use a single dongle so you only take up a single USB port when using each device. The keyboard has a dedicated Xbox button so you can access the Xbox menu without have to pick up a controller. When you go to use the Turret the mouse area slides out and there are actually magnets in the top corner to hold the mouse in place. We actually tested this by holding the whole thing upside down!

Razer Turret

That is the first thing you’ll need to get used to is the magnets in the mouse. While there are only magnets in the top corner of the gaming surface area, it still feels a little different than a normal mouse. It does not take that long to get used to. The Turret does not have any real cushioning under it, but it was surprisingly comfortable when using it. Razer keyboards are always super comfortable, so using the keyboard on the Turret was no different.

Razer Turret

Overall the experience was really good and this is totally a device I would recommend if you have an Xbox One, because we all know gaming is better using a mice and keyboard! The plus side is that you can use this on PC too! If you are a fan of Razer keyboards and mice you are going to like the Turret. The other options out there are good, but I feel this device really refined compared to those.

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