TSMC Is Allegedly Raising Chip Prices As Supply Shortages Continue

According to The Wall Street Journal, TSMC might raise the price of its chips.

In case TSMC increases its prices, the consumers will also be affected. Take note; it won’t be a minor price hike; as per the industry experts, we can expect at least a 20% price hike.

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The auto industry will suffer the most from this hike since they will have to adjust the prices of their cars as per the price hike. The chips witnessing price hike are described as “less advanced chips,” so AI silicon might be safe from a price hike.

The Wall Street Journal has received the news that most of the advanced chips will experience a price hike of around 10 percent.

TSMC's 5nm plans for the USA

It’s unclear whether the manufacturer’s largest client, Apple will pay a higher price or not.

The news of a potential price increase came after multiple technology giants like Intel, IBM, etc., announced that the shortage might continue in 2022 and 2023 as well.

Despite all this, Intel and TSMC are dedicating billions of dollars to fab upgrades and expansions. This suggests that the price hike and the shortage might be temporary.

Via The Wall Street Journal