Tt eSPORTS Shock Console Wireless Headset for Xbox One and PS4 Hands On

The headset market for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is still a bit scarce. Microsoft tried to help previous headset owners by releasing an adapter, but that still isn’t a great solution. Tt eSPORTS just announced Shock Console Wireless for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Mac, PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Yes, a wireless headset that will work on almost any gaming platform with the utmost simplicity is here!

Tt eSPORTS Shock Console Wireless

Connecting Shock Console Wireless to an Xbox One/360 or PlayStation 4/3 is pretty simple. There is a small wireless transmitter that accepts USB as power and optical as audio input. Hook that up to your console of choice, and you’re good to go. If you’re connecting to a PC or Mac, power and audio is provided via USB, optical cable is not necessary. The mic on Shock Console Wireless is extremely flexible and easily detachable. Its end is a standard 3.5mm plug. Lastly Shock Console Wireless is equipped with 40mm drivers, sports a 15 hour battery life, about 5 hour charge time, and a range around 30 feet. Shock Console Wireless retails for a reasonable $59.99.


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