Tt eSPORTS VOLOS Gaming Mouse Review

I personally have never been a big fan of mice with this many buttons on the side. But I will have to say that the Tt eSports VOLOS has changed me on that. It has a solid build quality, it doesn’t have that hollow feeling when you are using or holding the mouse. Another good thing they did with the VOLOS was that they didn’t make the mouse small. I myself have a medium to large size hand and I felt comfortable using the mouse from the start, without any hand cramps or taking brakes. I did however have to get used to the button layout over a few days. This is common thing with most new mice.

A few other awesome things about the VOLOS is the color combinations. If you wanted to you can do 4 different colors to match your computer case colors, favorite sports team, holidays and basicly anything you want to do. One of my favorite features of the mouse is the carrying case and the USB dust cover/protector. I myself often travel to lan parties or am out of town. When I am out of town I take my laptop and my mouse. While traveling with the mouse it is nice to have the cable tie and also the carrying case. There is no need to use tape or tie it with its own cord. TT eSports made it simple to be taken anywhere.

For the gaming aspect of the conclusion. I really did like the options and configuration that you are able to do with the Tt eSports VOLOS mouse. I felt while testing the VOLOS that I was able to save some time and move and act more on the spot while gaming. While playing MOBAS it felt like I had an edge over the other players with the macro configuration and the setup.

You are able to currently pick of the TT eSports VOLOS on many different online retailers for around $65. To me this is a great deal for the features and build of the VOLOS. I have spent more money on a mouse that is no where near a nice of a build quality of this. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Tt eSPORTS VOLOS Gaming Mouse a 9 out of 10 score.

rating9 10 small

– Built solid quality
– 16 million color LED choices
– 14 buttons
– Amazing Tracking (Good sensor)
– Good lift control
– Carrying bag

– Users with small hands will have issues reaching forward buttons on left side.
– Takes a little bit to get used to