Usage & Final Thoughts
To get started with the TUNAI CLIP you are first going to want to charge it up with the supplied cable. Once charged connect your favorite pair of headphones and press, and hold the power button till you see a blue LED flashing on the front. This means that it is in pairing mode. On your mobile device go ahead and go into your Bluetooth settings and find “TUNAI CLIP” in the list and select it. Once selected you should be paired.


After pairing you are free to listen to music or even use the CLIP to take calls etc. Now using any type of wireless Bluetooth device will not sound as great as being directly connected to your device as digital compression is used when sending the signal wirelessly. TUNAI claims to be using a “Sound Revitalization Technology (SRT)” which they say helps to minimize distortion when sound is compressed. I listened to the same tracks being directly connected to my iPhone and then again using the TUNAI CLIP and they sounded almost identical, which is a good thing!

TUNAI also advertises a super long Bluetooth range of 250 ft, which is quite the claim as most Bluetooth devices are limited to 30-40 feet. Well it turns out this claim is false. The CLIP only seemed to hold a signal up to around 30 feet, and this was tested in an open field. Also body interference definitely makes a difference. The signal would drop if I had the clip facing away from my iPhone, but if I turned around it would pick up the signal again.

The CLIP is not just a Bluetooth receiver, but it also give you the ability to control your music, volume, and take calls. No more needing to walk over to your phone to answer it or switch to a better track. The CLIP as it names states is an actual clip so you can easily affix it to your shirt or pants. The way it is designed makes it easy to wrap your headphone wires around it and have everything you need to just throw in a backpack or laptop bag.


While the TUNAI CLIP fell short in some of our tests it is a great little device, especially if you have a favorite pair of wired headphones that you cannot use on a new device that does not have a headphone jack like the iPhone 7. Right now the TUNAI CLIP is selling for $59.99 at our favorite online retailer, which is of course cheaper than Apple’s Airpods, but you can get Bluetooth headphones or earbuds for around that price. Overall ThinkComputers gives the TUNAI CLIP an 8 out of 10 score.

rating8 10

– Small and compact
– Easy to use
– Offers controls and a microphone
– Great sound quality

– Does not even work close to the 240 ft range claims
– Can pickup Bluetooth earbuds or headphones for around the same price

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