Scythe Byakko CPU Cooler Review

Today we have a new air CPU cooler on the test bench today. It comes from Scythe who we know for some pretty impressive CPU coolers in the past. The cooler is the Byakko, which means “White Tiger” in Japanese. The Byakko is designed for ultimate compatibility in all systems as it has a height of only 130 mm. It is your typical tower cooler with three 6 mm heatpipes and a 92 mm fan. The cooler supports all major sockets from Intel and AMD, but does lack support for Intel’s LGA2011 socket. This is likely because this cooler is not really designed to cool HEDT processors. Could this be a good replacement for your stock CPU cooler? Read on as we find out!

Special thanks to Scythe for providing us with the Byakko CPU Cooler to review.

Model Name: Byakko CPU Cooler
Model Nummer: SCBYK-1000
EAN: 4571225055855
Socket LGA775
Socket LGA1150
Socket LGA1151
Socket LGA1155
Socket LGA1156
Socket LGA1366

Socket AM2
Socket AM2+
Socket AM3
Socket AM3+
Socket AM4
Socket FM1
Socket FM2
Socket FM2+

Overall dimensions: 102 x 130 x 83 mm W x H x D with the fan attached
Weight: 415 g (Heat sink with the fan)
Heatpipes / -diameter: 3 / 6-mm
Base plate material: nickel-plated copper 38 x 38 mm

Scythe always does a great job with their retail packaging. On the front you have a picture of the cooler and and it lists what sockets it is compatible with as well. On one side there is an overview of the different features and technology that is implemented in the cooler.

Scythe Byakko CPU Cooler Scythe Byakko CPU Cooler

On the opposite side there is a full overview of the cooler giving you the exact dimensions, this is great if you do have size restrictions inside of your case. Finally on the back there is information on the warranty as well as how to get support.

Scythe Byakko CPU Cooler Scythe Byakko CPU Cooler

Getting everything out of the box we have the Byakko CPU cooler, thermal paste, AMD installation clip, and an installation guide. The Intel installation parts are already pre-installed on the cooler.

Scythe Byakko CPU Cooler

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