Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme i7 Ready CPU Cooler Review


The Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme definitely held its own against the other two coolers. Only six degrees higher than the water cooler, and a couple of degrees above the best air cooler I own.

[ad#content_main]I didn’t mention earlier, the Tower 120 Extreme’s fan sports blue LEDs. Since the fan is fully enclosed the lights are barely visible in a case that already has some blue lights. It mostly gives a nice blue glow to the motherboard and top of the video card. A little glow is visible from the openings in the top of the cooler, but just enough to tell that there are some LEDs inside.

I’m well pleased with Tuniq’s new cooler. First, it looks different than any other cooler, which means a lot. The “wave” pattern of the fins, along with the enclosed fan, gives it a unique look. Actually, everything here has a different look. The black nickel plating, the square shape, the different sized heatpipes, all contribute to the Tower 120 Extreme’s appearance.

Five heatpipes directly touch the CPU surface, allowing the thermal transfer properties of copper, but the base itself is aluminum, to lower weight and price.

The base has pin-fins on top. This is the third cooler I’ve had with some kind of additional cooling on the base itself. The other two had exceptional cooling performance, so I have to say that there is definitely something to the idea.

The Tower 120 Extreme gave great cooling performance. Not all coolers do well with the extreme heat of an overclocked i7, but this cooler outperforms all air coolers I’ve tried save the Zalman I used in the testing.

The Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme isn’t yet available at my favorite online retailer, but I found it at other popular sites for $65. That is five bucks cheaper than the Zalman, and cheaper than a couple of other coolers I have that don’t perform as well. Definitely a good deal. ThinkComputers.org gives the Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme a 10 out of 10 score.

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– “Wave” fin design, black nickel plating, and hidden fan give the cooler a totally unique look
– Fan is silent in normal running, and not annoying at higher speeds
– Includes a fan controller if you desire more control to fan speed
– Priced cheaper than other coolers that don’t perform as well


– None