Evercool Transformer 4 HPJ-12025 Intel i7 Ready CPU Cooler Review

[ad#review1046-top]The Intel i7 is definitely a hot affair. Though manufactured with the 45nm process, once you get it cranked wide open with its eight threads sending data to four real cores and four virtual cores, along with running the onboard memory controller at DDR3-2000 or higher, it gets pretty warm. Overclock the whole affair and raise the Vcore and QPI voltage, you’re talking heat that will bring lesser CPU coolers to their knees.

Recently I looked at an Evercool economy cooler redesigned to support the Intel i7, the Buffalo HPFI7-10025. This is a very small footprint two heatpipe cooler that would serve as an excellent replacement for the Intel stock cooler on a stock clock or mildly overclocked rig. This small cooler wouldn’t make the trip when the processor was given a healthy overclock, but we really didn’t expect it to, it just isn’t designed to dissipate that kind of heat.

Today I will be looking at another Evercool cooler, the Transformer 4. Totally unlike the Buffalo, this cooler supports pretty much every CPU built in the past several years, it is a hulking four-piped monstrosity, more like the large coolers I am accustomed to, and instead of having one open-framed fan, it has a pair of fans in open collocation, which adds to its large size. The Transformer 4 looks like it should have no problem cooling that hot i7. Will it do the job? Read on to see!


Model: HPJ-12025
– Core i7 Processor Extreme Edition I7-965/975
– Core i7 Processor I7-920/940/950
– Core 2 Quad Processor Socket Q6600~Q9550
– Core 2 Extreme Processor Socket T QX6700~QX9650
– Core 2 Duo Processor Socket T E4300~E8600
– Pentium 4 Processor Extreme Edition Socket T 3.73G
– Pentium D Socket T 805~840/915~960
– Pentium 4 Socket T 505~571/620~672

– Athlon Phenom~9600/Phenom X3~8750/Phenom X4~9950
– Athlon 64 X2~3600+ /~6400+(AM2)
– Athlon 64 FX-51/53/55/57/60/62
– Opteron ~154 / ~256 / ~890
– Dual-Core Opteron ~180 / ~290 / ~890
– Second-Generation OpteronT ~1222 SE/1222
– Third-Generation OpteronT ~1356
– Sempron ~3800+

Overall Dimensions: 130 x 122 x 160 x mm
Heatsink Dimensions: 121.6 x 80 x 160 mm
Weight: 843.5g (1.86lbs)
Materials: Aluminum Fins/Copper Heat Pipes
Heatpipes: 4
Fan Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 25 mm
Fan Bearing: Ever Lubricate Bearing (Long Life bearing)
Rated Speed: 1000 +/-10% RPM
Noise Level: <21 dBA
Voltage: 12v


-Four heatpipes with large aluminum fins to provide effective cooling
-Heatpipes directly touch CPU for higher efficiency
– All in one design for use with Intel LGA 1366 & LGA 775 and AMD K8 & AM2 series motherboard
– According to needs, users can use either one or both of the included 12CM fans
– Bright silver and solid appearance


The Transformer 4 comes in a hanging blisterpack that gives full view of its size and silver color.

Evercool Transformer 4 HPJ-12025 Intel i7 Ready CPU Cooler Evercool Transformer 4 HPJ-12025 Intel i7 Ready CPU Cooler

Actually, it is a blisterpack within a blisterpack, providing ample protection to the cooler within.

Evercool Transformer 4 HPJ-12025 Intel i7 Ready CPU Cooler