Griffin PowerDuo Reserve for iPhone Review

[ad#review1050-top]If you have an iPhone you know that the battery life is horrible! Even if you are casual user that might access the GPS and internet every once in a while it seems like the battery drains so quickly when using those services. This is where the PowerDuo Reserve comes in. It is basically Griffin’s PowerBlock Reserve and PowerJolt Reserve in one! You get a reserve battery that fits both included PowerBlock and PowerJolt. So you can charge the battery and your iPhone at the same time where ever you are! Let’s check it out!


– The industry’s most trusted AC and 12 volt chargers
– Charges iPhone, iPod, MP3 players, other USB-chargeable devices
– Removable backup battery provides hours of additional use for iPhone and iPod
– Battery is interchangeable between PowerJolt Reserve and PowerBlock Reserve chargers (chargers and battery packs are also sold separately)


The PowerDuo Reserve comes in Griffin’s always nice and colorful retail packaging. On the front there are a few pictures of the PowerDuo in action and on the back there is a list of features.

Griffin PowerDuo Reserve for iPhone Griffin PowerDuo Reserve for iPhone

Getting everything out you have instructions, the PowerJolt Reserve (car charger), PowerBlock Reserve, and a battery pack.

Griffin PowerDuo Reserve for iPhone


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