Griffin PowerDuo Reserve for iPhone Review

Usage & Testing

Using both chargers to charge your iPhone and the battery pack is pretty self-explanatory. With the car charger (PowerJolt Reserve), you just plug it into any open 12V port in your car. I have been using it in the port that is closest to my steering wheel and it has worked out great. I am easily able to charge both my iPhone and the battery pack. Also since the USB connection is there I can charge other devices like MP3 players, GPS devices, and even PDA’s with the PowerJolt Reserve.

Griffin PowerDuo Reserve for iPhone Griffin PowerDuo Reserve for iPhone

The PowerBlock is just the same except you plug in into the wall and you are good to go. It also has the USB port on it so you can power any devices that use USB power. The 2 power connectors fold into the charger so it makes it easy to carry with you.

Griffin PowerDuo Reserve for iPhone Griffin PowerDuo Reserve for iPhone

So how well does the battery pack work? Well it easily connects to the bottom of your iPhone and if you press the button on it, it will show you how much charging power is left. The battery pack is a 500mAh cell that depending on your iPhone model should return around 40% of the battery power. From full charge the battery pack takes around 35-40 minutes to completely drain.

Griffin PowerDuo Reserve for iPhone Griffin PowerDuo Reserve for iPhone

The battery pack is a bit clunky when it is connected to your iPhone, not something you want to have connected when you have the phone in your pocket. It is more easily used when you have the phone sitting down. Also the connector end of the battery pack does not have a cover so lint or dust can easily get inside of it.

Final Thoughts

The PowerDuo reserve is a combination of the both the PowerJolt Reserve and PowerBlock Reserve. Each of those are $40, whereas the PowerDuo Reserve is only $60 so you are saving $20, but if you buy both the PowerJolt and PowerBlock each comes with battery pack. The PowerDuo only comes with one battery pack for both chargers. An extra reserve battery is another $20 so it all is really up to what your needs are.

I really like being able to charge my iPhone both in my car and at home, but also have the ability to charge a battery pack that I can take with me wherever I go. Although the battery pack is a bit clunky it does get the job done and gives you a couple extra hours of talk time on your iPhone. Also the ability to plug any USB device into each charger means they can double for chargers for your other USB powered devices.

The PowerDuo sells for around $60 online which is a pretty good deal for a wall charger, car charger and battery pack for your iPhone. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Griffin PowerDuo Reserve for iPhone an 8 out of 10 score.


– Car / wall charger and battery pack in one
– Easy to use
– Both chargers have a USB port


– Battery pack does not fully charge the iPhone
– Battery pack a bit clunky when connected to your iPhone


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