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Evercool Announces HPR 9225EA CPU Cooler

Evercool has announced a new entry-level CPU cooler, the HPR 9225EA. This is a tower cooled made up of 43 aluminum fins and two large 6mm copper heatpipes. These heatpipes make direct contact with the CPU and of course go up into the heatsink stack. The cooler includes a 92mm 2200 RPM fan that pushes 35.6 CFM of air with 26.3dBA noise. The cooler measures 118 x 97 x 73mm (HxWxD) and weighs in at around 400g.


Evercool Hawk 1 Notebook Cooler Review

Today we are going to take a look at the Evercool Hawk 1 notebook cooler.  Heat in a computer is its number one enemy. The only way to counteract this heat in laptops is to make sure that good airflow is available by making sure vents are not being covered up by anything. This however doesn’t always cut it for some laptops. Overheating can still occur due to higher operations being done on laptops with higher end processing taking place such as gaming. This is where Evercool’s Hawk 1 steps in.

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EVERCOOL Transformer 4 CPU cooler gets the “COMPUTEX TAIPEI design & innovation awards 2010”

<strong>Taipei, Taiwan—2010—EVERCOOL Thermal Corp., Ltd</strong>.. The prize winners of “COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2010 design & innovation awards 2010” are announced in the beginning of May. EVERCOOL’s Transformer 4 CPU cooler stands out from hundreds of competitors, and gets this award. “COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2010 design & innovation awards 2010” (<a href=""></a>) is judged by professional international jury from Germany iF design group and Taiwan External Trade Development Council. This campaign is a multidimensional selection to emphasize innovation, high quality, technique, materials used, functions, utility, branding value and marketing.


Evercool Transformer 4 HPJ-12025 Intel i7 Ready CPU Cooler Review

The Intel i7 is definitely a hot affair. Though manufactured with the 45nm process, once you get it cranked wide open with its eight threads sending data to four real cores and four virtual cores, along with running the onboard memory controller at DDR3-2000 or higher, it gets pretty warm. Overclock the whole affair and raise the Vcore and QPI voltage, you're talking heat that will bring lesser CPU coolers to their knees.


Evercool Buffalo HPFI7-10025 Intel i7 CPU Cooler Review

Today I will be looking at the Evercool Buffalo HPFI7-10025, one of Evercool's economy coolers that has been redesigned for use with LGA 1366 processors. It is a smaller cooler, only 100mm, the first cooler I've used on the i7 that doesn't have a 120mm fan. It is also my first Evercool cooler.I've had many Evercool fans, but no coolers. It sports a pair of heatpipes, making it the first heatpipe CPU cooler I've used that only has two pipes. How will this little jewel stand up to the hot i7? Read on to see!

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