Evercool Hawk 1 Notebook Cooler Review

Today we are going to take a look at the Evercool Hawk 1 notebook cooler.  Heat in a computer is its number one enemy. The only way to counteract this heat in laptops is to make sure that good airflow is available by making sure vents are not being covered up by anything. This however doesn’t always cut it for some laptops. Overheating can still occur due to higher operations being done on laptops with higher end processing taking place such as gaming. This is where Evercool’s Hawk 1 steps in.

Special thanks to Evercool for providing us with the Hawk 1 Notebook Cooler to review.


  • ULTRA THIN design: Its one-inch height and ergonomic design are the considerate designs for users conformably use computer; moreover, it’s light to easily carry.
  • Metal iron mesh: The appearance design is a high-density metal iron mesh; therefore, the pad not only is solid, but also makes the good ventilation for silent and great cooling efficiency.
  • USB port for power, easy to store: One USB port is for power, and the power line can be stored in the groove. In addition, for more convenient use, the power line can be pulled out from right or light side according to user’s needs.
  • Dimension for 300 x 264 x 28mm and great compatibility: It is compatible with Netbook and 11”-15” Notebook (including CULV).

Overall Dimensions: 300x264x28mm
Fan Speed: 2000~2500± 15% RPM
Noise Level: < 23.1dBA
Bearing Type: Sleeve Bearing
Weight: 0.65 kg
Compatibility: Compatible with netbook and 11″~15″ notebook.

The Hawk 1 comes in a glossy box with Evercool’s logo on the top left hand corner of the box, a top view of the Hawk 1 in the center of the box and a side view of the Hawk 1 on the right side of the front of the box. The front of the also includes a quick list of the features the Hawk 1 comes with.

Evercool Hawk 1 Notebook Cooler Evercool Hawk 1 Notebook Cooler

On the back of the back of the box it shows and picture of a laptop on the Hawk 1 showing close up photos of the features that the Hawk1 come with. Finally on the side of the box it lists the specifications of the Hawk1.

Evercool Hawk 1 Notebook Cooler Evercool Hawk 1 Notebook Cooler

Opening the retail box the Hawk 1. Inside you will find the Hawk 1 itself and the pamphlet listing the other products Evercool offers.

Evercool Hawk 1 Notebook Cooler Evercool Hawk 1 Notebook Cooler