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CM Storm SF-15 Laptop Cooler
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Cooler Master Intros the CM Storm SF-15 Laptop Cooler

World renowned components making company Cool Master announced another addition to their recently released gaming laptop cooler with SF-15. The device is coming from the same company which produced award winning SF-19 USB 3.0 laptop cooler.


NZXT Cryo E40 Notebook Cooler Review

A few weeks ago I was laying in bed with my significant other watching a movie on her Macbook Pro. Naturally the Macbook was lying across my thighs and after about 30 minutes the bottom of her computer began to get really hot, hot to the point where I had to lay the computer between us. Coincidentally the next week Bob asked me to review the NXZT Cyro E-40 Laptop cooler and my first thought was, “where was this thing when I actually needed it?” NZXT has a solid history in the laptop cooling market. Any recommendation I’ve made in the past for a cooler I’ve always said to look at NZXT. Let’s find out if the Cyro-E40 lives up to my recommendation.

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Cooler Master Announces the NotePal I300 Laptop Cooler

Cooler Master, an innovative creator of laptop coolers, Apple accessories, and other mobile products, today reveals a new thin, lightweight, and effective laptop cooling pad, the NotePal I300. oming in at a slim 36mm (1.4”) thickness at its smallest point with a lightweight metal mesh, plastic, and rubber build, NotePal I300 is amongst the thinnest and lightest weight laptop cooling pads that support up to 17” laptops. It offers two height adjustment settings to provide options for ergonomic viewing and typing angles. It also packs a powerful 160mm fan that manages to deliver crucial airflow to cool your notebook while remaining comparable to whisper quiet.

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NZXT Launches Cryo V60 and X60 Notebook Coolers

Today NZXT is debuting two new high performance notebook coolers the Cryo V60 and the Cryo X60. So whether you need a notebook cooler for your high performance gaming notebook or a slim notebook cooler for your ultrabook or smaller notebook NZXT has you covered. The Cryo X60 is designed for larger notebooks, while the Cryo V60 is slimmer and perfect for traveling. Read on to find out more about these two new notebook coolers from NZXT.


Evercool Hawk 1 Notebook Cooler Review

Today we are going to take a look at the Evercool Hawk 1 notebook cooler.  Heat in a computer is its number one enemy. The only way to counteract this heat in laptops is to make sure that good airflow is available by making sure vents are not being covered up by anything. This however doesn’t always cut it for some laptops. Overheating can still occur due to higher operations being done on laptops with higher end processing taking place such as gaming. This is where Evercool’s Hawk 1 steps in.


Choiix Comforter Lapdesk Review

You can find notebook stands out there but they are mainly made for use at a desk. If you are like me you use your laptop all over your house, in the kitchen, on the couch and even in bed. Sometimes I wish I had something to put my laptop on in these situations. Well look no further it’s here, the Choiix Comforter Lapdesk. Its unique design allows you to use it on any table or desk, while you are relaxing on the couch and even when you are lying in bed. Let’s take a look at the Comforter Lapdesk and see if it is perfect for you!


The $2.50 Laptop Stand

I had been looking for a nice laptop stand for a while, something that could be modified easily when I stumbled across a laptop stand at IKEA, the Swedish Household Superstore. The quality of the stand took me by surprise, and IKEA was selling them for a mere $2.50. Unable to pass up a deal like this, I bought several of them. I passed them along to some of my friends who owned laptops and kept a couple for myself. That's when I got the idea to start modifying the ones I had into laptop coolers.


LUXA2 M1-Pro Laptop Cooler Review

Thermaltake's new brand LUXA2 not only makes PC cases, but a few other products as well. Today we will be looking at one of their latest products the M1-Pro laptop cooler. The beautifully designed laptop cooler is made of all aluminum and instead of using fans it uses 2 large heatpipes to cool down your laptop. This is the first time I've seen heatpipes on a laptop cooler, let's see if they really work.

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