The $2.50 Laptop Stand

I had been looking for a nice laptop stand for a while, something that could be modified easily when I stumbled across a laptop stand at IKEA, the Swedish Household Superstore. The quality of the stand took me by surprise, and IKEA was selling them for a mere $2.50. Unable to pass up a deal like this, I bought several of them. I passed them along to some of my friends who owned laptops and kept a couple for myself. That’s when I got the idea to start modifying the ones I had into laptop coolers.

Features & Specifications
– Available in Black or Yellow

Key Features
– Retaining edge keeps laptop in place.
– Flat surface; improves ventilation around your laptop.
– Rubber strip prevents the laptop support from sliding on your lap

Sarah Fager

Product Dimensions
Width: 16 1/2 ”
Depth: 12 1/4 ”
Height: 3 1/2 ”

The packaging was basic with just a plastic wrap. If the item was shipped probably would have been packaged with Styrofoam. They include a paper with just the name of the product and basic stats on the Brada Laptop Stand.

Brada Laptop Stand