The $2.50 Laptop Stand

With the first look of this laptop I was surly surprised by the price and quality of the laptop stand itself. The Brada stand flexes just a little bit. I was worried with the stand to see how it would hold up to abuse of a gamer with the stand being as flexible as it was. The Brada Stand seems like it will be sturdy to most users.

Brada Laptop Stand Brada Laptop Stand Brada Laptop Stand Brada Laptop Stand

Usage & Testing
After setting up the BRADA stand on the table and putting my 17.3” HP laptop on it the angle for general use and gaming was about the same with keeping the laptop at the perfect eye height. With being initially worried about the flex with the stand, it seems to hold up when a laptop is placed onto the stand. With my 17.3” laptop it fits perfect on the stand with no area of the laptop overhanging. Along with the non-slip rubber pads on the bottom it doesn’t seem to slide at all when placed on a desk. It isn’t very ideal for putting in on your lap it puts all the weight on the back and cuts into your legs. With little to no difference in air flow since its lack of vents or fans it keeps the laptop at the normal idle temps.

Brada Laptop Stand Brada Laptop Stand