The $2.50 Laptop Stand

Final Thoughts
With being concerned about the flex and the quality of the Brada Stand at the beginning, It seem to just surprise me from the beginning to the end. Along with the price and the availability you could buy and place them all over the house or keep on in the car for when you travel. Perfect for using on desk or table and not comfortable at all on the lap or laying on the bed. With being the modder I am I decided to turn one into a laptop cooler for a friend for his alienware laptop.

Brada Laptop Stand Brada Laptop Stand

It’s very easy to modify if you want to add fans of just vents for the fans to suck air into the laptop its self. While using any plastic bonding paint it will bond to the plastic for perfect and paint less mess. With endless ways to modify this stand to be a laptop cooler and stand it makes it ideal for any modder with a laptop. All and all this laptop stand is Perfect for any general laptop user who just wants a stand or a Avid modder who wants to make his own custom cooler.