SmartSwipe Secure Credit Card Reader Review

For all of the advances in online shopping and web security, there’s still the possibility that someone could steal your payment card information. While many ways to get this information rely on user misjudgement, a.k.a. phishing, there are still some technical problems which could be better handled.

The Smart Swipe is a USB magnetic card reader which works with some software in Internet Explorer to address the most glaring of technical errors—cross-site scripting—and prevent the user from entering payment information at all when something about the site’s security is amiss.

ThinkComputers checks out this device, and finds that it’s nifty, but limited. Read on for the review.

Special thanks to SmartSwipe for providing us with the SmartSwipe Secure Credit Card Reader to review.

Plug and Play Installation – Just run the installation software and plug the device into an open USB port.
Automatic Updates – As our software becomes more advanced, we will automatically share these enhancements with you.
SmartSwipe works within your existing browser security – this means that you can continue to shop online as you always have and SmartSwipe will work with you.

You will never have to manually enter in your credit card information. Just swipe and SmartSwipe will do the rest for you.
The Internet is constantly changing and SmartSwipe is smart enough to change with it.

Onboard Cryptographic Provider – Your credit card information is protected as you swipe your card through the device.
SmartSwipe makes your sensitive credit card information immune to most kinds of malicious software attacks.

The packaging drills the primary point of the device: safe online shopping. It also shows that the device is a card reader, commonly called a swiper.

SmartSwipe Secure Credit Card Reader SmartSwipe Secure Credit Card Reader SmartSwipe Secure Credit Card Reader

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