Radioactive PC Plasma Mainstream Gaming System Review

We all know someone that loves computer games, but knows nothing about computers. They want a really fast system, but have no clue how to build one. This is where custom PC builders come in. The thing with many of them is that they are extremely overpriced and they really don’t treat the customer right. Recently we were contacted by Radioactive PC. They are relatively new company that was founded in 2003. They offered is one of their desktops to review and of course we accepted. The system they sent us is their Plasma Mainstream system. Let’s take this system for a test drive and see if it makes it through all of our tests!

Special thanks to Radioactive PC for sending us their Plasma Mainstream Gaming System to review.

Chassis – Cooler Master Storm Scout
Power Supply – 650 Watt Heavy Duty Power Supply
Motherboard – ASROCK P55M Pro Intel Chipset Motherboard
Processor – Intel i7 Quad Core 860 (Overclocked)
CPU Cooler – Arctic Cooling Freezer Pro (Air Cooled)
Video Card – ATI Radeon 1GB HD 5850 GDDR5
Memory – 4GB PC3 12800 DDR3 1600MHz
Hard Drive – 1TB 7,200RPM 32MB Cache
Optical Drive – 22X DVD+-RW Burner with LightScribe
Operating System – Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit
Radioactive PC Extras – Client Binder, Certificate of Ownership, RPC T-Shirt, Hardware Discs, Hardware Manuals, etc.
Warranty – Standard 3 Year Parts and Labor
Shipping – Free Shipping

Price: $1,591.71
Prices Start At: $1,201.84

About Radioactive PC
Since Radioactive PC is a new company to us here is a little bit about them…

Since its inception in 2003, Radioactive PC has been dedicated to providing gamers all around the globe with the systems they always wanted and the service and support they always needed.

Our main goal here at Radioactive PC is to take care of you, our customer, because without you we would not exist. As our business continues to grow, we want you to know that Radioactive PC is here because of you. We thank you for your ongoing and continued support.

In a world where computer companies are sacrificing quality in the name of quantity, we want you to know that here at Radioactive PC that will never be the case. Our quality of computer building, servicing and support will never be compromised. Radioactive PC has been and always will be about producing the best computers along with service and support matched by none.

There’s something about a Radioactive PC Gaming System that makes it stand out from the rest. As our small and loyal community of gamers and enthusiasts begins to grow larger we look forward to you joining us so that you too can see what it’s like to own a great PC.

The system was sent to us from Radioactive PC via FedEx. It was packaged in a large white box with the Radioactive PC logo on it. There are “This side up” stickers on the box as well. The box got to us in pretty good shape, I guess the FedEx guy didn’t hate the world they day it was delivered. Opening up the box we find everything inside. The box is packed with packaging peanuts.

Radioactive PC Plasma Mainstream Gaming System Radioactive PC Plasma Mainstream Gaming System

Getting everything out of the box we first have the system that is inside the case box. That is usually normal, since the case box provides even more protection for you system. Also inside we find a smaller box that has all the extra connectors and everything for your motherboard, the 3 games we requested, a certificate of ownership, client binder, and a Radioactive PC t-shirt.

Radioactive PC Plasma Mainstream Gaming System Radioactive PC Plasma Mainstream Gaming System

The client binder is a full-sized binder that has all the information about your system in it, the manuals, and all of the discs that came with the system. It is all nicely organized as well. Opening the case box up you can see the included Styrofoam keeps everything nicely protected.

Radioactive PC Plasma Mainstream Gaming System Radioactive PC Plasma Mainstream Gaming System

Getting the system out of the box there are warning signs on the side and front of the box the warn you that there is foam padding on inside of the system and to remove it before you power the system on. Also there is protective plastic on the side panel window to protect it from scratches. When we open the case up we can see the protective foam. This foam keeps things from moving around during transit.

Radioactive PC Plasma Mainstream Gaming System Radioactive PC Plasma Mainstream Gaming System

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