Radioactive PC Plasma Mainstream Gaming System Review

Final Thoughts
The Plasma Mainstream Gaming system that Radioactive PC has put together for us is just great. It is capable of playing any new game that is out there and at very high settings. We have said this before and I’m going to say it again, many companies throw in the most expensive hardware available into a system just to get the highest FPS and scores on benchmarks, but when it comes down to it all that hardware is not necessary to play games and just makes the system cost more than most people can afford.

This is why I like the Plasma Mainstream Gaming system, because it has the needed components to play all the latest games and it is affordable. How affordable you may ask? Well I went to my favorite online retailer and configured a system that was almost identical to the Plasma Mainstream Gaming system and it came to only $200 cheaper. Keep in mind if I ordered all of these parts I would have to install everything myself and take the time to install Windows 7 as well. This would be at least an hour job if not longer. Radioactive PC does all this for us, and probably better than we would. The hardware installation is clean and the cable routing is amazing. Also by simple request Radioactive PC was nice enough to install all of the games for us. They are really focused on customer support so I assume they would do the same for any customer.

I didn’t encounter a single issue with this system. It is the perfect gaming system for anyone that does not know how to build a PC or just does not want the hassle of building one. We are very impressed with our system and I’m sure you will be if you order a system from Radioactive PC. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Radioactive PC Plasma Mainstream Gaming System a 10 out of 10 score.

rating10 10 small

– Well priced
– Plays all of the latest games
– Great cable management
– Games pre-installed for us
– Great choice of case for a gaming PC

– None that I found

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