Corsair A70 Performance CPU Cooler Review

Corsair is a company known for their memory, but recently they have gotten into the CPU cooler market and have created a great series of cooling, both air and water-cooled. Today we have the opportunity to check out Corsairs top performing air cooler, the Corsair A70. About a month ago we had the chance to check out their other air cooler, the A50. How well will they perform against each other? Read on further to find out.

Special thanks to Corsair for providing us with the A70 CPU Cooler to review.


  • Compatible with Intel and AMD systems
  • Four 8mm copper direct-contact heatpipes
  • Aluminum fins
  • Low-noise, low-vibration 120mm fans mounted on rubber studs
  • Selectable 1,600 or 2,000RPM allows you to select the cooling performance you want
  • Two-year warranty

Includes mounting brackets for Intel LGA775, Intel LGA1366, Intel LGA 1156, AMD socket AM2 and AMD socket AM3 motherboards.

The fan/cooling fin structure is elevated 43mm (1.69”) from the motherboard. Some motherboards outfitted with six pieces (6GB or 12GB) of Corsair Dominator and Dominator GT memory may not provide enough clearance between the CPU and the closest memory slot. Motherboards with standard height memory do not present a potential compatibility issue.


Model CAFCA70
Heatsink dimensions 159.5mm x 124.6mm x 129mm
Fan Dimensions 120mm x 25mm
Fan speed Selectable 1,600 or 2,000 RPM
Air flow 50 – 61 CFM
Static pressure 1.8 – 2.3 mm H20
Noise level 26 – 31.5 dBA

Box Contents

  • Corsair Air Series A70 CPU Cooler
  • Multi-platform mounting kit
  • Thermal compound
  • Quick Start Guide

The Corsair A70 comes equipped in a quality retail package which follows Corsairs’ standard packaging color scheme for their Air Series of CPU coolers; a black background with white/brown text. The front of the package shows an angled view of the A70’s heatsink, while also showing off the product name. The rear of the package covers benefits over other CPU coolers.

Corsair A70 Performance CPU Cooler Corsair A70 Performance CPU Cooler

The sides of the package cover both the features and the specifications of the A70.

Corsair A70 Performance CPU Cooler Corsair A70 Performance CPU Cooler

Everything comes nicely packed inside of the retail box. Included are a fan box, parts box, and the heatsink surrounded by soft foam.

Corsair A70 Performance CPU Cooler Corsair A70 Performance CPU Cooler