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Kiwi U-Powered Solar & USB Portable Charger Review

Phones, cameras, and other mobile devices are power hogs. Those who have moved to smartphones have to plan ahead if it’ll be more than ~20 hours before they’ll next be near a power outlet. A dead battery means disconnection, which means the device isn’t receiving messages, which means business isn’t getting done. Fortunately, a new class of portable batteries has hit the market. Prices on these devices are dropping, and they are diversifying in capacity and features. Once such device is the subject of this review, the Kiwi U-Powered Charger. This device sports a 2000 mAh capacity, multiple charging tips, and, as its name indicates, an array of photovoltaic cells for sun-powered recharging. ThinkComputers has the review…

Special thanks to Kiwi for providing us with the U-Powered Solar & USB Portable Charger to review


Battery Type Lithium Polymer
Output Voltage DC 5.3 – 5.6V
Output Current 600mA(max)
Operating T° -10° – 45°
Storage & Transportation T° -10° – 45°
Power Capacity 2000 mAh
Lighting time after 1 hour charging Under sunlight (500W/M2) >100 min
Time of fully being charged by adaptors or USB 3.5 – 4.5 hours
Time of fully being charged under sunlight (500W/M2) 17+ hours
Cycle Life 1,000+
Rated Input Voltage DC 5.0 – 6.0V
Charge Input Current >300mA
Dimensions 116mm * 48.4mm * 25.7mm
Weight 124.6 g
Max. Luminous flux 4LM

The Kiwi U-Powered Charger comes in a green box showing its capacity, its not needing batteries, and that it’s solar powered. The box also lists a few things it can charge, e.g. personal media players, handheld video game systems, and a variety of brands of phone (plus mini- and micro-USB tips).

Kiwi U-Powered Solar & USB Portable Charger Kiwi U-Powered Solar & USB Portable Charger

It comes with some documentation, a pouch, a car charger, a wall outlet, several tips, and a unique cable for charging.

Kiwi U-Powered Solar & USB Portable Charger Kiwi U-Powered Solar & USB Portable Charger

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