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Lian Li PC-Q06 Mini-ITX / ATX Test Bench Review

We have seen quite a few different test benches over the years here at ThinkComputers. Some have been awesome and some have been downright garbage. A test bench is essentially a computer case or housing that has your motherboard on top or in an accessible area for easy swapping of parts. Test benches are perfect for reviewers like us or people who are constantly changing out their hardware. Recently Lian Li has come out with quite a few test benches, today we will be looking at the PC-Q06, which fits Mini-ITX and ATX motherboards. Let’s take a look…

Special thanks to Lian Li for providing us with the PC-Q06 Mini-ITX / ATX Test Bench to review.

Model: PC-Q06
Case Type: Mini Tower Chassis
Dimensions: (W) 205mm x (H) 210mm x (D) 250mm
Front bezel Material: Aluminum
Color: Black / Silver / Red
Side Panel: Aluminum
Body Material: Aluminum
Net Weight: 1.2KG
5.25″ drive bay (External): 1
3.5" drive bay (External): None
3.5″ drive bay (Internal): 1
Expansion Slot: 2
Motherboard: Mini-ITX (Option: ATX / M-ATX)
System Fan (Front): None
System Fan (Top): None
System Fan (Rear): None
I/O Ports: USB3.0 x 2 / HD Audio

The PC-Q06 comes in Lian Li’s typical retail packaging. On the front there is a picture of the PC-Q06 and a listing of some of the features. On the back there is a listing of specifications in quite a few different languages.

Lian Li PC-Q06 Mini-ITX / ATX Test Bench Lian Li PC-Q06 Mini-ITX / ATX Test Bench

Opening up the box the PC-Q06 is nicely protected by large pieces of Styrofoam and plastic. Getting everything out of the box you have the PC-Q06 case, expansion card bracket, 2 bags of mounting hardware and an installation guide.

Lian Li PC-Q06 Mini-ITX / ATX Test Bench Lian Li PC-Q06 Mini-ITX / ATX Test Bench

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