Lian Li PC-Q06 Mini-ITX / ATX Test Bench Review

Final Thoughts
The PC-Q06 is one cool little test box. No one can argue at the sleek style and quality of the PC-Q06. We’ve come to expect this from Lian-Li. The case is designed to give you easy access to your motherboard, memory and video card and it does just that. When you are constantly switching out parts it is nice to have easy-access to switch out parts.

Now we test many different types of hardware and having easy access to everything in a case would be nice, that is what a test bench is for right? In the PC-Q06 you do not have easy access to the power supply, optical drive or hard drive. Also taking out 6 screws on each side of the case is a bit much. Another thing that did bother me was that the opening on the cover of the back of the case was a bit small for our power supply cable, SATA cables, and USB cables.

This case does have some limits as it only fits Mini-ITX cases. Lian Li does make an ATX expansion tray for the PC-Q06, but if you are going to use an ATX or Mini-ATX motherboard Lian Li does offer other test benches for those types of motherboard. Do not get me wrong this case is a great test bench for people who are going to constantly be changing out their Mini-ITX motherboard, video card or memory, but if you are removing other components I would choose another case. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Lian Li PC-Q06 Mini-ITX / ATX Test Bench a 7 out of 10 score.

rating7 10 small

– Sleek style
– Quality design
– Perfect for Mini-ITX motherboards

– No easy access to power supply, optical drive or hard drive
– You need to remove 6 screws to take the side panel off
– Opening on the back is not large enough for all cables

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