Cooler Master Hyper N620 LGA 1366 Ready CPU Cooler Review

[ad#review1049-top]Cooling the Intel i7, which in all of its models runs 130 watts, just isn’t that simple. There is a lot of stuff going on in the i7 CPU that wasn’t in the Core 2 series, and even though the i7 utilizes the 45nm manufacture process, the processor can generate a tremendous amount of heat, especially when overclocked.

Most available coolers for LGA 1366 are coolers originally designed for the Core 2 series that have additional hardware added to allow them to fit X58 motherboards. The earlier 90nm Core 2 Duo models could get pretty hot, and the cooler manufacturers replied with better (and larger) coolers to keep operating temps under control. But the additional heat found with the i7 can bring some of these converted coolers to their knees.

Up to this point I have reviewed seven LGA 1366-compatible coolers. Five of them were able to handle a healthy overclock (3.86gHz) of the i7 920 by keeping OC load temps at a manageable level. (low 70Cs and below) Two coolers weren’t able to make the trip, allowing my i7 920 to reach its shutdown temperature of 90C.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that just because a cooler claims to be “i7/LGA 1366 Ready” doesn’t necessarily mean that it will do a great job at cooling that hot processor.

Cooler Master has been around for over a decade. Though they are probably now better known for their excellent PC cases, their original primary products were coolers and they continue to build high performance air coolers along with all of their other products.

Today I will be looking at the Cooler Master Hyper N620 CPU cooler. With six heatpipes and dual flow-thru fan design, it looks quite promising to keep the i7’s temperatures under control. Will the Hyper N620 do it? Read on to see!


Model: RR-B20-N620-GP
CPU Support: LGA 1366/775, AMD Socket AM3/AM2+/AM2/939/754
Overall Dimensions: 140.8mm x 96.4mm x 160.7mm (5.54″ x 3.79″ x 6.32″)
Weight: 847g (1.86lbs)
Heatsink Material: Copper base, aluminum fins, copper heatpipes
Heatpipes: six 6mm copper heatpipes
Fans: 2 x Blue LED 120mm x 120mm x 25mm
Fan Speed: 800~2000 RPM
Airflow (total): 83.6CFM (Max)
Air Pressure (total): 4.43mm H2O (Max)
Noise Level: 16-28dBA
Bearing: Rifle
Fan Life Expectancy: 40,000 hours
Connector: 4-pin PWM (one connector powers both fans)


The Hyper N620 is in a box with Cooler Master’s familiar white/fushia color scheme. The front shows a photo of the cooler along with telling of each supported CPU. The rear shows features and dimensions.

Cooler Master Hyper N620 LGA 1366 Ready CPU Cooler Cooler Master Hyper N620 LGA 1366 Ready CPU Cooler

Inside, the cooler is protected in a heavy blisterpack.

Cooler Master Hyper N620 LGA 1366 Ready CPU Cooler Cooler Master Hyper N620 LGA 1366 Ready CPU Cooler