Turn Your Apple Charger Into a Battery Pack with NomadPlus

Apple mobile devices all come with a small little wall charger, well Nomad the company that brought us the ChargeKey has a new product called the NomadPlus that turns your Apple wall charger into a portable battery!


The way the device works is your Apple wall charger simply slides into the device and you use it simply as a larger charger. The charger will first charge your iPhone then charge the internal 1500mAh battery. This battery is capable of charging your iPhone back up to 70% when your iPhone’s battery has been depleted.

Of course this being a USB charger you can use it for a multitude of devices not just your iPhone, but of course you will need an Apple wall charger to get it all to work.

The NomadPlus is currently available for pre-order for $39.

Source: Nomad | News Archive

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