Tutorial: we show you how to play Valorant, the new shooting game from Riot Games

In this tutorial we will teach you the basics you need to know to play a game of Valorant.

Valorant is a shooter game in which two teams of five players each face off. To win a match, one of the teams must win at least 13 rounds. Each round is very fast, since it lasts an average of two minutes, approximately.

Before starting the game

On the main “Play” screen in Valorant, you can arrange your team with friends to join a game. The game by default has voice chat activated so you can organize strategies with them.

Don’t worry if you don’t complete all five players at the time of scoring, because the game will take care of filling your team with other people anyway.

When a match is found, the first thing you have to do is choose an agent. The agent will be the character you are going to play as, and each one has unique abilities that can be useful to your team. There are several types of agents: Duelists, Controllers, Initiators, and Sentinels. At the time of beta there are only 10.

The start of the game

At the beginning of the game you will only have a limited amount of money to buy some weapons, abilities or light armor. To open the store, you just have to press B.

In the first round you will have to settle for fighting with just one pistol. Don’t worry, as your enemies will find themselves in the same limitation.

As you win or lose rounds, get takedowns or successfully plant a bomb, you will be rewarded with more or less money. You should try to save or spend this money wisely, as it will give you access to weapons that will be very important to beat your enemy.

As you learn to play, you could try buying submachine guns, rifles, or heavy weapons in later rounds. These are usually automatic weapons that will be useful at medium ranges. For their part, shotguns have their strengths in short distances; and rifles (snipers) at long ranges. The most expensive weapon is the Operator (4,500), but with a single shot it is capable of taking down a player.

Remember to also spend on your agent’s unique abilities, and on armor that will reduce the damage you take. While you can only carry one long gun at a time, you can charge a pistol at the same time. Buying pistols will not be very necessary unless it is the first round or you carry a sniper rifle (for shorter distances).

This is a very fast game but to which many strategies can be applied to obtain the victory. If you want to win, you must try to coordinate with your team in the best way. There are rush strategies, which involve the entire team moving fast and hitting a zone to gain rapid dominance in place. While this can be used by defenders, it is a more common strategy in attack.

On the other hand, there are more leisurely strategies that involve fighting little by little to reach the objective more safely. In these cases stealth is usually used, avoiding running because the game allows you to hear the spatial origin of the players’ footsteps. To walk slowly, the Shift button can be held down.

Remember that you will not always need to kill the entire opposing team to win. If you are an attacker, focus on exploding the bomb; If you are a defender, slow down the attacking team until the round counter reaches 0 or they are forced to rush.

Keep in mind that if you die in one round, you will lose everything you bought in the previous one. If you already have the victory or it is an assured defeat, it is better that you try not to die. The bomb will kill players of either team in a very large area when it explodes, so if you are an attacker and you listen for the whistle of the spike that is already close to exploding, it is best to run away from its range. If it is already about to explode there will be no way to deactivate it, so it is best that you go and keep your weapons.

If you need to run to a place faster, equip yourself with the knife that you will always have available. Of course, try not to be in dangerous places since you will be defenseless in a short window of time.

Now you know the basics of playing Valorant. But this is not enough. Read Valorant news to get yourself prepared.