Type 3 or USB 3.1 Omni-Directional Interface Plug Finalized

USB 3.1 hub and plug finalized

We have been reading about it for almost a year now and its finalized. The New USB 3.1 will be twice the speed as USB 3.0 and will be able to deliver a whopping 100 Watts of power through the cable. The possibilities are going to be great. At The Present time the USB 3.0 can only deliver a mere 2.5 watts through the aging USB 1, 1.5, 2.0 then 3.0 Plug without data disruption.

The great thing is the USB 3.1 Plug will be a Reversible USB Type-C connector. You can plug it in either way and it will fit the first time. Wow that alone is enough for a 2 day party in Silicon Valley. It means I won’t be trying 3 times to plug the USB in the Correct way.

The new USB Plug came into existence to compete with the Intel Thunderbolt Technology that threatened every data transfer system by delivering a huge 10 Gbs. and 20 gbs. in future models. While USB 3.1 will be 10 Gbs. it will also deliver mega power to operate devices without the addition of a separate brick to plug into the wall. Wow.. My Wall Sockets are already getting hot by the new format.

This news is big because it’s all been talk until now. Finalized means there is a concrete rock hard standard that manufactures can start using for new data transfer devices and almost anything else imaginable to us for this fantastic new Omni purpose terminal. Even a Monitor that would not have to be plugged into the wall but only plugged into the USB 3.1 port and powered up and run through just one Omni directional plug that you cannot plug in backwards the way we always do will be amazing.

There is so much new data out there on this new exciting news and I can’t wait to study all of it myself.

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