Unboxing the GeChic On-Lap 1301 Portable Monitor

Today we are unboxing a pretty cool product. Have you ever been traveling or somewhere with your laptop and thought to yourself, “I wish I had another monitor!”. I know that I have and I’m sure you have too! Many people have dual and triple display setups at home and as we all know they make you very productive. Going from that to a single screen laptop is hard. GeChic knows this and they have come up with the On-Lap 1301 Portable Monitor. This 13.3-inch screen is powered by USB and can be used with any device that has an HDMI or DVI connection. Read on to check out our overview and unboxing video!

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Provided By: GeChic
Information: What you see is what you get. The more you see, the more you get.
So let’s broaden the skyline of the display. You will find it’s so easy to elevate your superiority. Upgrade your laptop as dual display by installing On-Lap Monitor, and your dual-monitor laptop is free to go everywhere. Get dual monitor, gain the win-win experience.

Double the desk, Twice the efficiency.
On-Lap monitor can be reaped in both business and life. To experience the miracle of dual monitors, just make a move!

Plug and Play
Differing from the traditional huge power plug, On-Lap Monitor only requires one USB port as power supply. Plug and play, instant to use.

Easy to go
For your mobility, we designed On-Lap Monitor as a mobile monitor. Its weight is only one fifth of a general LCD monitor. With its compact design, just fold down your On-Lap and Notebook, you can pack them to go in seconds.

Driver Free
Convenience is supreme. No matter your laptop operates what kind of OS, On-Lap Monitor requires no driver.

Fit for horizon and vertical
On-Lap Monitor can be adopted in horizon and vertical. Different format for different content, your application can be displayed in optimum. Browse on demand, pose it as you wish.

Dual-Monitor Mode
Fancying using dual monitors? Simply drag windows to the monitor you want, all the major tasks have their own space. On the horizon you can browse them smoothly. No more wasting time at switching windows. Double the desk, twice the thrill.

Presentation Mode
On-Lap Monitor helps you to build up a mobile office. After installation, your laptop has one more display on the laptop cover. When outside the office, this is the simplest way to have a face to face presentation. Duplicate the displays on the both sides, even the strangers can share the same thought by slides.

Upright Mode
Tired of scrolling up and down? The full-length contents shall be presented in vertical. Just install On-Lap monitor as upright mode, then you can browse the full-length novel or thesis without constraint.

Spread Mode
On-Lap Monitor can attach to the sleek surface. Based on the suitable place and cables, you can combine your laptop and On-Lap Monitor as vertical dual monitors. In this way, a huge spreadsheet is shown clearly. It also helps you to work as if head-up display. Specially recommended for your vertebrae.

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