Unboxing the Phanteks PH-TC14CS CPU Cooler

Phanteks is a new company to us here at ThinkComputers. They specialize in cooling fans and CPU coolers. Today we are checking out one of their latest CPU coolers the PH-TC14CS. This cooler is a universal cooler so it will fit on both AMD and Intel setups. It also features a C-type design, 5 large copper heatpipes, and two 140mm cooling fans. Did I mention you can get it in 5 different colors? Read on to check out our unboxing and overview video!

Product Link: Click Here
Provided By: Phanteks
Purchase: Newegg
Information: Phanteks PH-TC14CS, the C type single tower thermal radiator design uses the latest aerospace technology. By using P.A.T.S to increase cooling performance and C.P.S.C Technology to enhance thermal conductivity, heat will easily dissipate, creating an opportunity for greater overclocking. Combined with Dual Phanteks PH-F140 Premium 140mm Fans with PWM Adaptor, easy-to-install SoliSku mounting kit and PH-NDC thermal compound, Phanteks PH-TC14CS with Unique Blue color coating, is setting the new standard of today’s CPU cooling.

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