Unboxing the Raidmax Aeolus Case

Raidmax has always made very attractive and affordable cases. Today we are going to check out their Aeolus mid tower case. In Greek mythology Aelous means, “the ruler of the winds” so we are expecting this case to be all about the fans and cooling. This case comes equipped with 4 included fans with room for 2 more, support for 2.5-inch hard drives and USB 3.0 connectivity. Read on to check out our unboxing and overview video!

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Provided By: Raidmax
Information: Aeolus defines itself as “the ruler of the winds.” This Raidmax gaming case delivers a fresh visual design as well as exceptional functional use. This properly cooled system keeps a constant stream of air moving throughout the entire case at all times which is vital for proper function and longevity of electronic components. The 430mm depth of chassis supports longer VGA cards and removable HDD cage allows more room for a larger sized power supply. Tool-free and cable management allow for easy assembly at all times. Rule your PC world with Aeolus.

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