Unboxing the V-MODA Vibrato Headphones

Today we have our first headphone unboxing! Today we are opening up the V-MODA Vibrato Headphones. These headphones or earbuds are some of the best quality ones that I have seen! The are constructed with 8mm dynamic HD neodymium driver, Kevlar reinforced cables, 45 degree angle plugs and a 24k gold plated jack. They also feature BLISS noise isolating technology, hands-free microphone with call/music control function, three-button remote, 4 different pairs of silicone ear tips and ACTIVE FLEX detachable sport earhooks. Let’s take a look and see what these headphones are all about.

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Info: Designed for music lovers with style, the Vibrato is sculpted from Zinc Alloy and features next generation hybrid silicone ear-tips. Using unique patented die-casting metal technology that enables consistent sound and unparalleled durability, the Vibrato has a unique geometric design usually only seen on fine jewelry or watches. Crafted from premium metals and fabrics, the Vibrato has a solid feel, unlike most plastic or aluminum headphones that feel fragile.

The Vibrato gives you a sleek design and an incredible sound experience. Featuring a three-button remote and mic, the Vibrato is made for your mobile lifestyle.

Epic Sound & Standards
Don’t just hear the music, feel it. Constructed with an 8mm dynamic HD neodymium driver, the Vibrato delivers vibrant bass, vivid mid-range, and vivacious highs. Featuring our BLISS noise isolating technology, you can reduce background noise and enable deep bass. Tuned in collaboration with professional musicians & DJs, the Vibrato recreates the sensations of a live music or club experience.

Our V-MASQUE technology insures every Vibrato sounds the same by keeping a strict tolerance throughout it’s whole frequency response curve. The result – every Vibrato is going to sound as amazing as the next one, unlike cheap and newer headphone brands that do not have evolved quality and engineering experience.

Museum-Quality Metal
Our driving design philosophy was to break away from the design limitations of the circular design look that so many other headphones were bound by.

To create the unique geometric shape of the Vibrato, V-MODA engineers had to go beyond traditional metal headphone manufacturing techniques. After months of research and development, the engineers found the answer with a patented die-cast metal technology. You get a headphone unlike any other on the market. In addition, the Vibrato features detailed luxurious fabrics, a pendant mid-connector and 24k gold plated plugs, giving you a headphone with a unique style and fashion-forward look.

The Fit is the Sound
Your headphones are only as good as their fit, like the room for a high-end speaker system. The seal of each ear-tip is crucial to ergonomics, stability and sound. As a result, we’ve worked relentlessly in researching the precise shape, size and materials of each size fitting for years and have built a headphone around a utilitarianism ergonomic philosophy. The result is our third-generation hybrid silicone fitting, it’s pure unadultered BLISS.

Including four pairs (XS, S, M, L) of fittings in black and clear, there’s an option tailored for you. When you’re on a run or on the move, use our patent-pending ACTIVE FLEX™ detachable sport earhooks to insure your headphones stay in your ears.

Built To Last
We’re passionate about sound and providing you a durable product. Constructed with Kevlar® reinforced cables, 45 degree angle plugs and a 24k gold plated jack, you’ll be enjoying your music for years to come.

Our commitment to quality doesn’t stop there. Each Vibrato is backed by an unrivaled V-MODA two-year premier warranty.

Rock Solid Durability
Every V-MODA headphone is put through rigorous testing to insure rock solid durability, this includes the cable. Time and time again, headphones break when you pull or bend the plug or cable, which is why we’re committed to giving you the most durable cables and plugs out there. At the V-MODA cable testing lab, we maintain a program that greatly exceeds industry standards.

The magnitude of cable durability is measured by the number of cycles a cable can withstand a bending force before experiencing failure leading to an audio defect. All V-MODA cables must exceed 60,000 bend cycles, well beyond the industry standard of 10,000 cycles. In conjunction with our performance enhanced 3.5mm plugs, we exceed 120,000 in this cable/plug area – which is where most headphone cables fail!

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