Unveiling The Technicalities Of Pay Per Click Affiliate Program Every Affiliate Must Know

Affiliate marketers have always been particularly drawn to pay-per-click affiliate schemes. But how can you select the best show to advertise? Although there is a variety of Pay Per Click affiliate programs, the most successful ones tend to focus on a single niche. So behold yourself as we are about to let you know how the evolution of technology has given birth to PPC affiliate marketing and its advantages.

What Is PPC Affiliate Model? (Pay Per Click )

A common form of online advertising is the “pay per click” (PPC) affiliate program, in which the advertiser forks up a small fortune every time one of their ads is clicked. A publisher will promote these adverts on their own site in the hopes of generating cash and driving traffic to the advertiser’s site.

One of the most common types of affiliate programs is the “pay-per-click” model. To earn a commission, all you require is for someone to tap on one of the advertisements on your site. Although the commissions aren’t as high as those for leads, activities, and sales, they can still be rather lucrative for most websites.

How To Find a Good Pay Per Click Affiliate Program?

A large keyword list is important for affiliate PPC, but having the appropriate keywords is more important. Here are some characteristics of a good Pay Per Click associate scheme that an affiliate should keep an eye out for:

  • It must require low traffic
  • Supporting a number of diverse languages
  • Giving affiliates multiple choices, to begin with
  • Fast occurrence of ads
  • Entertaining different regions while offering multiple modes of payment

Top Pay-Per-Click Program

Affiliate marketing in the pay-per-click (PPC) era is a highly competitive industry. Clicks, impressions, and prospects all generate sales for online marketers. A few of the best affiliate programs are listed here.


Ezoic is an effective application for improving the effectiveness of the advertisements on your website via the application of machine learning. Though Ezoic doesn’t have its own PPC affiliate scheme, it can assist you to increase earnings from other sources.


Adsterra boasts a platform of over 12,000 sponsors and a claim of clearance in under 10 minutes. This implies that practically any website can benefit from your promotion efforts and that you can begin advertising their sponsors right away after signing up.


There’s no way to skip over Infolinks in this rundown of flexible PPC platforms with low entry barriers. Like the other tools below, they provide a simple and straightforward method for monetizing your existing website visitors.


Mediavine is a cost-per-mille (CPM) network that compensates you for each impression served, which can greatly increase the amount of money your website makes. However, they are picky about the publications they feature on their platform, so you may have trouble getting accepted. For instance, a minimum of 50,000 monthly unique visits is required.


Media.net pulls advertisements from Yahoo as well as Bing Networks in addition to the Google advertising network. These ads are compatible with Google AdSense ads. Therefore, if you want to increase your income, Media.net’s pay-per-click affiliate program is a wonderful choice.

CPC Affiliate Programs India

In order to manage and grow your marketing and business strategies, you should investigate the greatest CPC affiliate programs India has to offer.


Before changing its name to Awin, Affiliate Window was a popular affiliate marketing platform. With more than 13,000 sponsors, it is clearly the top affiliate marketing platform. For an affiliate marketer to begin creating links, they will need to submit an application to the network’s advertising merchants.

Flipkart Affiliate

In terms of affiliate marketing in India, it is among the biggest and best platforms available. Insights into the effectiveness of referral links are available via real-time reports made available by the platform. Several widgets, ads, and APIs are available through this free affiliate program to help you promote Flipkart products on your website or mobile app.


Reseller Club

If you live in India and are seeking a passive income stream, Reseller Club is a great option because you may earn a minimum level of Rs. 2,000 each referral. It is among the most lucrative affiliate schemes and is also very user-friendly.

BigRock Affiliate

The best affiliate marketing platform in India is BigRock. It’s not just a website and domain registrar, but also a provider of email hosting and SSL certificates. The BigRock Affiliate network includes the Bluehost affiliate program.


By partnering with major companies including Agoda, PayTM, Amazon, and Samsung, Optimise has become the go-to network for affiliate marketing. Those who have visitors from other nations will benefit much from this.

The Best PPC Affiliate Offers

Excellent affiliate programs abound in the pay-per-click (PPC) market. Here is an overview of affiliate programs that will help you locate the finest deals, whether you’re an experienced affiliate marketer or just starting out and looking to make some extra cash.


PromoNavi is software that helps entrepreneurs and online marketers automate their efforts to find new customers. Shopify can sync with the subsidized channels of Google Search & Exhibit, Google Shopping, Microsoft Adwords, and Facebook Ads.

PromoNavi’s two-tiered affiliate network is one of a kind, and its discount codes are good for life. Affiliates receive 50% recurring commissions on all subscription sales, plus 30% on all purchases made by their sub-affiliates.


Adzooma optimizes Google, Facebook, and Microsoft ads. Adzooma has three commission options. Invite users to sample Free Adzooma system ($30 per link), Adzooma Plus ($69 per sale), or Adzooma PPC Proposal Builder ($99 or $199 each lead). 90-day cookies. Adzooma delivers banners, pictures, templates, emails, and other advertising materials.

Long Tail Pro

Using Long Tail Pro, you may research the level of competition for specific phrases and find very fruitful long-tail keywords.

When people sign up for Long Tail Pro through your referral link, you’ll receive 30% of their initial payment and 30% of each renewal payment. Every affiliate of Long Tail Pro has access to a personal manager who is there to help them in any way they need it.


If you introduce a new user to Madgicx using your referral link, you’ll earn 15% of their monthly subscription fee forever. This commission is ongoing for as much as the consumer continues to use Madgicx, for up to a year.

The monthly ad budget and the total number of accounts included inside the package determine the subscription price.


SpyFu is a program used to gather intelligence on the competition. SpyFu has an affiliate program that pays 40% recurring commission each month and has a cookie that lasts for an entire year.

If you earn at least $100 each month, you can cash out twice a month using PayPal or Wire Transfer.

List Of The Best PPC Affiliate Programs

Both marketers and publishers can win with the PPC approach. This technique is helpful for marketers because it allows them to target their ads to those who are already interested in the topics they cover. Following is the list of high-paying and reliable Pay Per Click affiliate programs that you can’t afford to miss;

  • Cuelinks
  • vCommission
  • Hostgator Affiliate
  • AWeber
  • Sendinblue
  • GetResponse
  • Pabbly
  • Unbounce

The Bottom Line

When you have settled on a certain area of study, you can begin your research. Locate hundreds of applicable keywords to include in your affiliate advertising campaigns as well as on your site.

For the most precise results and a wealth of relevant competition data, specify your area, select your industry, and link with your Google Ads PPC account. However, there are many excellent affiliate programs available in the PPC market. Whether you’re already an expert affiliate marketer or you’re just curious about the field and want to give it a shot.