Upcoming Patriot Torch SSD Gets Listed

Patriot’s upcoming Torch solid state drives have been listed on Amazon ahead of their official launch. These performance 2.5-inch solid state drives are 7 mm thick, have SATA 6GB/s interfaces and come in two capacities (for now) 120 GB and 240 GB.

Patriot Torch SSD

Under the hood these drives feature Phison PS3110 controllers and 16 nm synchronous MLC NAND flash. The 240 GB version has sequential transfer rates of 555 MB/s reads and 535 MB/s reads. The 120 GB on the other hand has speeds of 545 MB/s reads and 430 MB/s writes.

According to the Amazon listing the 120 GB will go for $59.99 and the 240 GB for 104.99.