Use DearMob to Backup Your iPhone iPad Data

New techniques has made us very quick in every walk of life and man has indulged in the use of iPhone and iPod. This is also a rule a nature the more we have the technology or development, the more we indulged in the complexities. And one of the biggest problem of the gadgets is that managing of storage of data properly.

We have to often face many difficulties while we work on these instruments as due to the shortage of the space. There are many alternative ways available on the sphere of the software but in reality there is no proper way other than the DearMob iPhone Manager to manage our iPhone iPad data files.


What we want?

We actually want the secure transferring and storing of the data in a safe way. Most of the time when we try to transfer our data, we lose often them and usually our data is very precious and which is very difficult to create it once again. Now, we have many ways but here we shall discuss the safe way to use instead of iTunes which are available among the crowd.

The Basic Purpose of the DearMob iPhone Manager:

The basic purpose of the DearMob iPhone Manager is an alternative to iTunes. If you are indulged in the massive issues of the transferring or managing data than this is the best way to transfer the data in a safe way. This is the best way to manage the data without any fear of lose. As now, we totally depends upon the iPhone or tabs which keeps our all the information and data which is really extremely precious for us. And sometimes when we lose this we fall in trauma which is really painful as well as harmful for us.

The major advantage of DearMob iPhone Manager is that it is very easy to use. This app is really very easy for all the ordinary prudent persons. Everyone can use it in a very easy steps. It has the capability to transfer data from iPhone and iPads without any kind of difficulty.

It provides the automatic conversion of the photos, videos, documents ringtones and many more other things which we keep in the iPhone iPad and iPod as well. It helps to convert all the data automatically in the best file format which is really very easy task for every one of us.

Working Capacity:

The working capacity of DearMob iPhone Manager is very fast and vigilant. Kit can handle round about  1000 4K photos can be send in less than 2minutes which is realty very speedy working and this is also save of the time in this busy life style. There are many built in tools in it.

Built-in tools:

  1. Easy Back up IpHONE TO IPhone

DearMob enables you to selectively or fully back up your iPhone to PC, or backup transfer everything from iPhone to iPhone. You just have to click the button of backup all and all the work can be done in just minutes. All your data shall be stored safely.

dearmob 1

Tips and Notes:

DearMob iPhone Manager offers both encrypted & general iPhone backup options:

  1. It can restore iPhone from backup made with itself.
    2. It can also restore iPhone from backup files made with/without iTunes.
    3. All the backup files are auto detectedand displayed, with device name, file size, date created info. You can choose one to restore.

Pictures are the source of saving the precious moments and some are really very important for all of us. If you use iTunes to backup iPhone photos, you need to back up all, and some will be erased. DearMob iPhone Manager save all your seamless pictures in just a few seconds and no data loss.

Lead to Photo Transfer section in DearMob, you just need to choose which photos need be transferred to computer, and then click Export button to finish the job.

dearmob 2


Music tracks are also important part for our memory and lifestyle. Before the emergence of the DearMob iPhone Manager, it was really a difficult and time consuming task but thanks to this software it is really very easy now. If you are someone who prefers offline music, the Music Manager option of the iPhone Manager will soon be your new BFF. Now, you just have to click on the button of sync and all your problems shall be solved in a few minutes.

  1. It can be used as a Flash Drive:

This is really a great facility as now you don’t have need to keep a separate flash drive in your possession as it is having this opportunity to keep your data like in the portable device.


The most important feature of this iPhone manager software is that it is really very secure for your use. It has an option of encryption.

dearmob 3

It can secure encryption algorithms such as 1024-bit RSA, 256-bit AES, PBKDF2 and Argon 2.


The iPhone manager also allows you to enjoy a wide variety of new features and possibilities, such as allowing you to install apps that are not present in the App Store without having to jailbreak your device. DearMob invariably opens iPhone and iPad users both on Mac and Windows to a new world of extended functionality. And that is what you can’t find in any other iPhone manager.

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